What is a newspaper?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
February 19, 2015
What is a newspaper?

The meaning of the word "newspaper" today is known, of course, to every person. However, with the development of digital technology and the Internet, as well as their gradual crowding out of printed newspapers, it may soon be necessary to explain to the children what a newspaper is.

A newspaper is a print publication published on a certain sheet with a certain frequency, informing people about new developments in political, economic, public life, as well as the private life of famous people.

Newspaper history

The idea of ​​systematically notifying residents about the publication of new laws, political news, the course of military campaigns, high-profile scandals originated in ancient Rome. The types of newspapers of that time were handwritten scrolls or clay tablets.

In the 10th century, the first printed newspaper, Stolichny Vestnik, began to be published in China. It was printed from prints made from wooden boards.

The first newspapers, resembling modern editions, appeared in Italy in the XVI century. By the way, the word "newspaper" comes from the Italian gazetta.This is the name of a small Italian coin that was paid for one piece of news.

In Russia, newspapers began to publish under Peter I.

The role of newspapers in life and society

In a democratic society, the press is called the fourth power. A scandal that has leaked into a free newspaper and has become well known is capable of putting an end to the career of any official. In totalitarian countries there are no free newspapers at all.

However, newspapers are not without flaws. This is primarily the superficiality of the presentation of information, focus on the demands of the masses, as well as bias and dependence on power or money.

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