What is a municipality?

Alina Olkhovich
Alina Olkhovich
January 30, 2013
What is a municipality?

All conscious residents of the country need to know what a municipality is, because it is with its help that local government is exercised, which is very important for residents of a certain locality.

A municipality is a certain territory (for example, a city or a village, or several villages), which is governed by local government bodies. Also, the municipality can dispose of municipal property and local budget.

Types of municipalities

  • Urban settlement - a settlement (urban type) or city.
  • A rural settlement - a village, village, village, farm, village and others, or their union. Local government - the village council.
  • Municipal district - several settlements, which are united by one territory.
  • The urban district is a settlement (respectively, urban), not included in the municipal district.
  • The intracity territory of a city of federal significance is a separate part of the city.

In most cases, the division of municipalities on the territory of Russia corresponds to the administrative-territorial division.

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