What is a miscarriage?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
March 27, 2013

Many pregnant women are very afraid of miscarriage, which darkens their joy in the first trimester of pregnancy. What is a miscarriage really? Miscarriage, or otherwise, spontaneous spontaneous abortion, is called the release of an unviable fetus from the uterus. It occurs in almost 20% of pregnant women. Most miscarriages occur in the first trimester of pregnancy and only 1% after twenty weeks of fetal development. There are cases when a woman does not realize that she was in position.

Signs of miscarriage

Imagine the signs in stages.

  1. The appearance of bloody discharge with cramps or acute pain in the lower abdomen (pain on the one hand in the early stages of pregnancy may indicate ectopic pregnancy, which means that going to a doctor will be far from superfluous).
  2. The pain becomes more intense and lasts more than one day, even if this pain is not accompanied by bleeding.
  3. The appearance of blood secretions, which are observed for more than three days.
  4. The bleeding is so abundant that you use one gasket for one hour.

If you have a bad feeling, and you suspect a miscarriage, then immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will be obliged to conduct a gynecological examination: the dilated cervix speaks of the approaching miscarriage. In some cases, a blood test and ultrasound may be required.

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