What is a list?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
March 19, 2015
What is a list?

In ordinary life, we often use lists. This may be a list of purchases or the necessary documents, a certain way decorated and highlighted items in the text or in a presentation. Let us consider in more detail what a list is and what lists are.

In the most general definition, a list is a written list of someone and something. In this case, the list may express a sequence, enumeration, registry, etc., depending on the situation in which the list is used.

There are specific meanings of the word "list", which we can meet in various fields. For example, lists are found in computer science and programming, typography, and icon painting.

The list in programming can be represented as a set of data organized in such a way that groups repeating values ​​in a special format. The list can be either the data recording format itself or the data itself.

Speaking about the lists in the printing house, we are dealing with a way to design the text. In this case, the lists may be marked and numbered.The only difference is what signs will appear in front of the intended text fragment — these can be numbers or special characters used in marking. Signs, for example, are represented in the Word program. Also, the icons that will form the list, you can think of yourself.

Lists in iconography are perhaps the most specific and exotic of all, as they are used only by professionals and are not so common. Here they are copies of documents written off from the original, serving to preserve historical materials and possible subsequent demonstration, for example, in museums. They serve as supporting documents for any events or events in history.

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