What is a healthy lifestyle? Healthy lifestyle and its components. Promotion of healthy lifestyles

To make a successful career, to achieve a certain level of life, to enjoy fully all its joys - this is possible only with good health. In each person's life comes a time when he begins to think seriously about this most important component of well-being. But only a conscious desire to engage in the prevention of diseases, to strengthen your body, makes a person lead a healthy lifestyle. This is not a temporary period, but a permanent lifestyle, which includes a huge number of different factors.

What is a healthy lifestyle

Today it’s harder to stay healthy. This is due to the frantic rhythm in which modern people (especially the inhabitants of the metropolis) have to live, unfavorable environmental conditions, poor-quality nutrition, etc.

It is proved that only 15-20 percent of health depends on the level of health, genetic susceptibility to a particular disease and the environment. All the rest is physical activity, the absence of bad habits, good nutrition. They are the main components of a healthy lifestyle and directly depend on the person.

Sun, air and water

Everyone knows about these best friends of ours since childhood. Especially for residents of large cities it is very important to be more often in the fresh air. If you can not go out of town, you can walk in parks and squares, where there is a lot of greenery. This should be done in any weather and as long as possible.

Great preventive importance is swimming in the summer. This is a great way to temper the body and in the future to avoid many colds. It is useful to sunbathe, but only you need not to abuse this procedure and observe precautions.What is a healthy lifestyle

Since the apartment has to spend a lot of time, cleanliness of the air in the room is of great importance for maintaining health. It is provided by frequent airing, as well as by breeding special indoor plants that can purify the air and enrich it with oxygen.

To maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere in your home, you must do a wet cleaning at least once a week.

Movement is life

What is a healthy lifestyle without exercise and sports? These components are the most important. Human health and longevity are directly related to the active motor mode. In schools and preschool institutions, much is being done to ensure that children receive physical development. But also the adult person needs to be engaged in physical culture, caring for the health.promotion of healthy lifestyles

Unfortunately, a large number of cars and public transport contribute to the fact that many people began to move very little on foot. And if you add to this sitting work in the office and watching TV, then all this has a very negative effect on the body. Such immobility leads to diseases of the joints, deterioration of blood flow, as well as to the appearance of overweight.

It is impossible to imagine a healthy lifestyle without movement. Sport is an integral part of it. Well, if you have the opportunity to go to the gym, pool or fitness classes.But even in the absence of such, it is quite possible to do morning exercises and walking for at least an hour a day. When walking, you should pay attention to your posture - do not slouch, straighten your shoulders. Hands can not be kept in pockets, because in this case, they are stationary, and the muscles are experiencing additional stress.

Proper nutrition

The main component of health is nutrition. It must be rational and balanced. For this you need to thoroughly revise your diet. It is because of an unhealthy diet that various diseases appear, fatigue accumulates and the mood worsens. A large amount of consumed fatty foods leads to a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, obesity, diabetes and other serious consequences. The use of products containing chemical additives (various dyes, preservatives) contributes to the occurrence of diseases of internal organs.healthy lifestyle is

Of particular importance is the use of a sufficient amount of water. And it is not recommended to drink boiled water. After heat treatment there are no beneficial substances for the body.No one would ever think to water the flowers with boiled water or add it to the aquarium. So it is for a person - such water brings no benefit. You can take mineral water or use various filters to clean it. Instead of coffee, it is recommended to drink various herbal teas or freshly squeezed juices.

Harmful and healthy products

You should first of all abandon any fast food if you decide to lead a healthy lifestyle. Food should consist mainly of natural products - fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish, dairy products (cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir, etc.), as well as nuts and dried fruits. Bread is preferred coarse, bran. It is desirable to limit the use of pork, sausages, canned foods, sweets.healthy lifestyle and its components

A healthy lifestyle and its components all have an impact on the well-being and quality of human life. But proper nutrition here has a special role. One of its principles is to eat in small portions, but often. White bread, pies and buns will have to be abandoned altogether, because with improper digestion, toxins are formed, which often leads to various diseases.

A healthy lifestyle provides a varied diet.Here you can show imagination and invention, replacing, for example, a side dish with a tasty casserole, cereal, vegetable mixture, etc. Do not confuse proper diet with diet. It should bring pleasure and enjoyment.

Compliance with the diet is also important. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - strictly by the hour. If you drink some water 30 minutes before a meal, it will help start the digestive system.

Down with bad habits

Any first grader knows that health and bad habits are incompatible. The fact that smoking, drug use has very dangerous consequences, they know now, it seems, everything. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle, which is conducted in the media, gives its results. But so far not enough is being said about another bad habit that has appeared quite recently - this is excessive sitting at the computer. It adversely affects the body, leading to disturbances in the nervous system. Therefore, it is desirable to use a computer for no more than 6 hours a day. Today, using a mobile phone, you can use Internet services - read important messages or news, view photos.

A healthy lifestyle does not prohibit the use of alcohol completely. In small quantities, according to doctors, it is even useful. Occasionally you can afford a glass of good wine.

Day mode value

In order for the body to function fully, you must comply with the daily regimen. The alternation of work, doing things you love, relaxing and sleeping - this is what a healthy lifestyle is for a modern person. A significant role is given to good sleep, the duration of which should not be less than 6 hours.

Personal hygiene

A healthy lifestyle is the implementation of certain hygienic procedures. And this applies not only to the person himself, but also to his clothes, home, as well as the maintenance of cleanliness in the process of cooking.

To prevent the growth of germs and fungi on the surface of the skin, it is necessary to take a shower at least once a day. In the summer it can be done more often. The shower also contributes to the purification of the body, since the pores are enlarged, due to which the toxins go outside.photo healthy lifestyleA lot of bacteria can accumulate under the nails, so the hands require very careful care.Oral care provides not only a beautiful smile, but also prevents diseases of internal organs. Therefore, since childhood, children should be taught to regularly brush their teeth, rinse their mouth after eating and periodically show up to the dentist.healthy lifestyle sport

Positive attitude

Positive emotions and a positive attitude to the world play a significant role when it comes to what is a healthy lifestyle. Laughter prolongs life, and anger destroys the body - these are not empty words. Joyful mood, laughter contribute to the alignment of hormonal levels, which, in turn, leads to increased immunity.

Healthy lifestyle since childhood

The preservation and promotion of health should be dealt with from an early age. Useful habits, established from childhood, will help a person to avoid many serious diseases in the future. A child, like an adult, can lead a healthy lifestyle. In the kindergarten all sorts of recreational activities are held, and all activities are aimed at promoting health.healthy lifestyle in kindergarten

But at a later age, when the child goes to school, the personal example of parents acquires an especially important role.Only he can help develop a child's right attitude to health promotion. If the parents themselves do not take this issue seriously, then all the requirements for children can be reduced to zero. It is difficult to make a child eat porridge, if parents have a pastry or fast food for breakfast.


It is very difficult to force a person to do something if he does not have an inner conscious confidence in the necessity of these actions. Motivation takes the most important position in the process of implementation of all necessary activities that implies a healthy lifestyle and its components. Until a person realizes how harmful his health is, for example, smoking, what consequences it can lead to, all anti-smoking activities will be ineffective, including placing frightening inscriptions and photos on cigarette packs.

A healthy lifestyle in many ways affects the success of a person in various fields of activity. Being healthy becomes prestigious, a peculiar fashion for health appears. Such a person is easier to find a good high-paying job than someone who has a high incidence of disease.Therefore, health and well-being have a very close relationship with each other.

In the absence of well-being, everything else loses its importance and becomes indifferent. Therefore, it is impossible to postpone the care of your health until it fails. In pursuit of material values, in taking care of surrounding things and objects, a person sometimes forgets about himself. But health is his main need.

A major role has been played recently by the promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people. Due to this, whole movements are created aimed at combating smoking, drugs, promoting the fundamentals of proper nutrition and various sports.

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