What is a glitter tattoo? How to make a tattoo.

The desire to decorate themselves and their bodies women always had. However, not every young lady can decide to go to the tattoo parlor. Therefore, a long time ago they appeared. Such a decoration is perfect for both children and adults. However, in addition to the usual temporary, today appeared quite fashionable phenomenon - glitter tattoos. Those who tried this type of tattoos, leave only rave reviews. Glitter tattoo is a great alternative to real tattoos that are applied to the skin once and for all. About what it is, how to choose and how to decorate your body with it, read our article.

What is a glitter tattoo?

In fact, this new trend in the beauty industry is nothing more than a kind of temporary tattoo. It consists of a hypoallergenic adhesive substance and glitter. Due to the gluing of glitter on glue, it turns out a drawing that is also supplemented with rhinestones, small stones and other decor.

Advantages over regular temporary tattoos

If you decide to try to decorate your body with such a tattoo, find out what advantages it has in front of conventional tattoo tattoos:

  • Harmless glue. As mentioned above, glitter tattoos use glitter mixed with glue. This very adhesive is hypoallergenic and has no effect on the skin and the body.
  • Durability. With careful wearing a brilliant tattoo can last 5-7 days.
  • Beauty. The sparkling shine will perfectly complement the evening look or decorate the bare parts of the body for a beach party. This tattoo attracts attention and looks very stylish.
  • Ease of execution. Even a beginner can handle a glitter tattoo.
  • A budget option. A very economical solution for your wallet, unlike a real tattoo.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to this type of tattoo, which allows you to try a glitter tattoo right now, at the height of holidays and hot summer days.

How is a shiny tattoo done?

Creating a glitter tattoo is akin to the work of an artist. To simplify the work often used stencils for glitter tattoo. In beauty salons, masters use ready-made versions, with the help of which they transfer the drawing. Or draw it yourself by hand.At home, stencils are cut from high-density films. Below is a photo of a glitter tattoo with a stencil.

tattoo stencil

For the drawing fit any bulk sparkles. Many girls in their reviews advised to use those that serve for nail design. The main thing is to choose the option of finer grinding, for better gluing. It is most reasonable to buy immediately a set of glitters, consisting of 10-20 jars with glitters of different shades. These kits are sold in Chinese online stores, they cost from 100 to 500 rubles, depending on the volume. There you can also buy stencils, of which there is a huge variety. Prices for them are very small, which makes the purchase profitable. In the cosmetic shop for the same sparkles and other tools you will give twice as much, but you can get to work today.

sparkles for tattoo

You will also need several brushes of different sizes. Fit a standard set of brushes for makeup.

So, how to make a glitter tattoo?

  1. First, degrease the skin with alcohol lotion. Separate the stencil from the adhesive backing and place it on the part of the body where you would like to tattoo.
  2. Apply a spot glue to the skin. Using a pencil or stick, spread the glue completely over the stencil.
  3. Carefully separate the stencil from the skin. With a shadow brush, start applying glitter on the adhesive backing. Do it slowly, driving in the movements.
  4. Brush for blush brush over the entire tattoo. If some of the sparkles are not stuck, apply a glue with a thin brush and apply the sparkles again.
  5. You can use several colors of sparkles, depending on the selected pattern, desire and imagination. Think in advance what colors your tattoo will be.
  6. After the work is completed, do not wet the tattoo for 10-12 hours. The glue must adhere to the skin tightly during this time.
mermaid tattoo

How to wash off a temporary tattoo?

Another big advantage of a glitter tattoo over regular tattoos is the ability to take it off at the right time. Thus, she did not have time to get bored. And depending on the event and mood, you can make more and more new drawings every day.

fairy tattoo

In order to remove a temporary tattoo, you will need alcohol or alcohol-containing lotion. Apply it on a cotton pad and apply to the tattoo for a few seconds, then wipe the skin and remove the remnants of sparkles.Glitter tattoo is washed off quickly and does not require much effort. Also suitable for erasing nail polish remover if it does not contain acetone.

Glitter Tattoo Preservation Rules

After a brilliant tattoo appears on your body, it's time to learn how to keep it for as many days as possible.

First of all, when taking a shower, avoid abundant water, especially shower gel on the area with a tattoo.

Secondly, do not rub the tattoo with a washcloth or sponge, it will instantly damage its integrity. Also do without rubbing with a towel, enough neat prokivaniyu.

Well and, thirdly, after applying a glitter tattoo for a while, forget about the sauna and tan in the solarium.

glitter tattoo letters

If you follow all the rules in training a glitter tattoo, then it will last on the body for about a week and will delight you with its appearance. And then you can make a new one.

Variations of glitter tattoos

As a rule, girls who come to the salon prefer small elegant temporary tattoos. Some of the most popular images are flowers, cats and butterflies. This is primarily due to the fact that glitter tattoos are most often done in the warm season. And in the hot summer the mood of the majority requires rich colors and joyful pictures.

spangle lizard

Also a very popular stencil for a temporary tattoo is a kiss. In combination with bright red sparkles, this pattern makes a lasting impression on both men and women.

Bikini decoration

As for the location of the temporary tattoo, it all depends on the intended clothing. Most often, girls choose standard places: shoulders, waist, ankle, wrist. Recently, however, a trend has emerged to make a glitter tattoo on a bikini. Such an unusual decision will suit courageous and confident girls. However, first of all you need to remove all the hair from this area. It is better to do it with a wax or shugaring procedure. Normal shaving is not suitable here, because after a couple of days the hair will begin to grow, and the tattoo will have to be removed.

Apply a brilliant tattoo as in the salon, immediately after waxing, and at home. Such a decoration will cost inexpensive, but it will delight your chosen one and diversify the sex life.

In general, the idea of ​​glitter tattoos deserves attention. Especially in the warm season, when everything around is filled with bright colors and you want to experiment!

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