What is a forest?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
March 25, 2013
What is a forest?

Have you ever wondered what a forest is? After all, for each this concept is different. And hardly two different people will give the same description. For some, the forest - it ate, for someone oaks. We offer to find out what definition is given to this word in dictionaries, and what types of forest are there.

Meaning of the word

The encyclopedia says: “The forest is a part of the land (Globe) covered with trees (woody plants). Forests occupy about 1/3 of the land. "

In Ozhegov's dictionary we read: “Forest is a large number of trees that grow on large areas with closed crowns.”

According to Dal: "The forest is a space covered with large, growing trees."

A forest is a complex, living mechanism that combines many details of various sizes, types and principles of action (trees, bushes, grasses, birds, insects, animals). A forest is a plant community where everything is interconnected. There are various types of forest. Such a definition can be found in textbooks of geography and natural history.

Types of forest

It is possible to classify forests by many signs, but we will touch the main ones:

  • By seasonality.Forests are evergreen (coniferous, tropical, hard-leaved) and deciduous (dry tropical, temperate and monsoon).
  • By geographical location. They are divided into: tropical (dry tropical, humid tropical, monsoon), subtropical (hard-leaved, Hemigilia, eucalyptus groves and monsoonal mixed), temperate (coniferous, small-leaved and broad-leaved, mixed).
  • By groups of species: conifers (pine, cedar, fir, juniper tree), hardwood (oak, hornbeam, saxaul), soft-leaved (birch, alder, willow).
  • In terms of crowns: a closed forest and light (rare).
  • According to the degree of human intervention: root or virgin forest (not influenced by humans), secondary and derivative forests appear at the site of fires and abandoned fields.

Now you know what a forest is and what it is like. Do not forget that he is the "lungs" of our planet.

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