What is a flyer?

December 25, 2014
What is a flyer?

The term "flyer" came to the Russian language recently. This term has several meanings in the modern world. More recently, the word was written like this - “flyer” or “flyer”, however, after some time the correct spelling of the term was approved as “flyer”, which is used to this day everywhere.

We will understand in more detail what a flyer is and where this word is used most often.

Flyer in bingo game

The word "flyer" is used in the context of the game Bingo. It denotes a one-time ticket on which the numbers that have fallen are filled. Bingo is a variation of the Lotto game.

Flyer in fiction book

In the books of many science fiction writers, the word is found as a designation of an aircraft. Most often, the aircraft called the "flyer" is a spacecraft. The word comes from the English word "fly", which translates to "fly."

Flyer in advertising

In the advertising industry, the word "flyer" means a small flyer that can contain a discount or just advertising, information and the address of the organization. This leaflet is used for distribution in various promotions.A flyer is often executed in beautiful juicy colors in order to attract as many potential customers as possible.

The flyer can be a pass or an invitation to any event. Distribute them to inform and advertise something. The task of flyers is to attract a large number of people in a short time to an event or a share, so they are always carried out as organically as possible.

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