What is a feat, and how does it happen?

When we hear about the heroic deed,self-sacrifice, we often wonder about how we would act in this situation ourselves. And often the word "feat" is used to describe a situation that is out of the ordinary, and the behavior of an individual in its conditions. And what is this?

What is a feat?

In the dictionary this word denotes the heroican act that can be done only by showing self-sacrifice, courage, fighting your own fear and stepping over yourself. Sometimes the reason for a feat is love - to children, the representative of the opposite state, to the homeland, to people in general.what is a feat

At different times, feats meant differentactions. For example, the ancient hero Hercules destroyed various monsters, committed the most incredible actions. But is it now possible to call a feat the purification of the stables, the theft of the belt from the queen of the Amazons or golden apples in the Garden of Eden? Moreover, he did these acts only on the orders of his king. But, of course, he overcame obstacles, was endangered, saved people's lives. Without superhuman abilities, he could not do a tremendous amount of power to do this. Therefore, the question of what a feat is, you can safely say that this act is not just an ordinary person.

Heroes are different

If in the ancient world the heroes becameexclusively by the birthright (as a rule, they were people with a divine origin), in modern society they can become everyone. Extraordinary behavior, caused by the pursuit of the highest goal, is inherent in all. But just what can be considered a goal for which it is not a pity to give up life? In any culture, in all ages, such was the salvation of human life. Especially if the danger looms over the weaker - a child, a cripple, an elderly man.

But also feats differ depending onexternal circumstances. After all, if a person steps over himself to save a large number of other people, then this is undoubtedly a feat. If during a war a fighter tries to kill as many enemies as possible with his death, then this is also a feat, but of a different nature.feat of the people

Feat of the people: what is it?

If, with the feat of an individual, everything is clear,then what is meant by the heroism of the whole people? If in a few words, then this is a mass phenomenon in an extraordinary situation, most often during hostilities. For example, take the Great Patriotic War, when representatives of different peoples thought not only about themselves and their relatives, but also about civilians who defended the rear. Undoubtedly, in the years of the battle for their freedom, the independence of the nation, the heroes were not only on the battlefield. A simple people (women, old people, children) supplied the army with food, treated and sheltered the wounded, hid the persecuted from the enemy army, took on household concerns, supported the morale of the fighters. And thanks to this they managed to win a great victory in a difficult war. Therefore, the question of what a feat is, it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer. Cases are different.

great exploits

Feats of our time

What can today be considered heroic, when onThe world is more peaceful, and the bloody wars, fortunately, have remained in history? Even in our time there are great feats. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations every day, fulfilling their professional duties, save human lives. How many stories can you hear about how a neighbor, friend, or just a passer-by carried a child out of the flaming house? And is not the hero the driver of KamAZ, who deliberately turned off the bridge to avoid a collision with the school bus?

So what is a feat, who such a hero? One can unequivocally answer that they are not born, but become. But the psychology of heroism is not fully understood today. After all, no one can recreate a situation in the laboratory when there is a real threat to human life. But nevertheless, heroism happens to be physical (when human life or health is at risk), moral (when a person runs counter to generally accepted norms and rules) and vital (when a person overcomes his own phobias, drawbacks, dependencies).

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What is a feat, and how does it happen What is a feat, and how does it happen What is a feat, and how does it happen What is a feat, and how does it happen What is a feat, and how does it happen What is a feat, and how does it happen