What is a discharge?

The question “What is a discharge?” Cannot be answered unambiguously, since the word has several meanings in various fields. Let us try to understand this question and consider in more detail what kind of discharges are and how they are characterized.

What are discharges in mathematics

All natural numbers are written in numbers. Depending on the number of digits, numbers can be single-digit (from 0 to 9), two-digit (from 10 to 99), three-digit (from 100 to 999), etc. Each digit of a multi-digit number corresponds to a specific position, called a discharge.

Discharges of numbers are counted from right to left: the discharge of units, tens, hundreds. The value of the digit is determined by the discharge.

Digits of pronouns

What is the pronoun rank? Russian language uses pronouns to replace many parts of speech and, depending on grammatical features, are distinguished:

  • pronouns-nouns - indicate a person or object (me, you, they, someone, something);
  • pronouns-adjectives - indicate a sign of the subject (mine, each, some);
  • pronouns-numerals - indicate the number (somewhat, any);
  • pronouns-adverbs (everywhere, here, never).

The lexical meaning of the following pronouns:

  • personal - point to faces (me, you, him, they);
  • returnable - denote actions aimed at yourself (yourself, yourself);
  • possessive - indicate the identity of the object (my, your, their);
  • interrogative - used in interrogative sentences (who, where, how much);
  • relative - are used as a union in subordinate clauses (whose, which);
  • indefinite - indicate uncertain objects, their signs, quantity (someone, from somewhere);
  • negative - indicate the absence of the object, its signs (no one, never);
  • index - indicate a specific object, its signs (the one there);
  • determinative - specify the object and its signs (each, everyone).

Sports category

The sports category is assigned at competitions of local or regional level. It is an indicator of physical and technical training of an athlete. The procedure for assigning and confirming sports categories in Russia is established by the Unified All-Russian Sports Classification. The document stipulates the standards necessary to obtain a discharge in various sports. The athlete must confirm the received rank at least once every 2 years.

Levels of working professions

On each production there are bit grids of working professions depending on the level of qualification. Grades are assigned by a special commission on the basis of the Classifier, which is a list of rules approved by the Scientific Research Institute.

Workers who have undergone appropriate training, perform the work of a specialist of higher qualification for at least 3 months, and have introduced measures to conserve material resources have the right to raise the category.

What is discharge in physics?

With the passage of an electric current through a gaseous substance, a gas discharge occurs. There are several types of gas discharges:

  • spark - electrical discharge, accompanied by sparking. An example of a spark discharge in nature is lightning;
  • corona - an independent gas discharge, occurs at high pressure in non-uniform electric fields;
  • glow - discharge, which is formed with a low gas pressure and low current, for example, the glow of a neon lamp;
  • arc discharge or electric arc - a physical phenomenon, which is a brightly glowing plasma cord.

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