What is a debit card. Its capabilities

Until recently, non-cash payments wereare available only to organizations that conduct such transactions through settlement accounts. But then in the life of the firmly entered plastic cards, which gave citizens the right not to carry cash with them and at the same time to buy goods and pay for services without hindrance.

Now there are two types of bank cards: credit and debit. Here we will try to explain what a debit card is.

Debit card essence

In appearance, it is very difficult to understand whichfunction is entrusted to this piece of plastic. The information here is in the card number and special codes, the decoding of which presents great difficulties for the common user. And so - the system is the same as usual. Most often VISA or MASTERCARD plus the logo of the bank that issued it.

To understand what a debit card is, it's easier ifto present a kind of electronic wallet, where funds from various sources come. And the interest for using money financial institution will not be charged. Some banks tried to entice new users, making a deposit from the card, but this practice was not widely spread - there are program difficulties.

What operations can be carried out with its help?

Otherwise, the debit card provides the same opportunities as the settlement account of legal entities. Let's start with the fact that at the moment when the bank card is issued,you open an account. After that, you can perform the following operations:

- put money on the card account;

- withdraw them within the daily limit determined by the bank;

- carry out non-cash payment for goods in outlets equipped with POS-terminals;

- pay for the services of various organizations (housing and utilities, etc.) from fixed terminals;

- carry out non-cash payment for goods and services on the Internet;

- Receive statements about ongoing operations and balances on the account and so on.

Moreover, the question of what a debit card is, individual entrepreneurs are increasingly asking.The tax authorities are already paying close attention to the need for freelancers to register their card accounts in inspections. And the further, the stricter.

And yet, more often, debit cards of Sberbankare used to simply withdraw cash. Therefore, most people purchase such a card to get money from employers. Most companies generally switched to paying compensation for work by transferring to a card. And in this capacity they often use the debit cards of Sberbank. After all, this institution has the most widespread network of ATMs.

Features of such cards

In debit cards, users are attracted tothat the holder has almost no obligations to the banks. Once a year, the cost of maintenance is automatically deducted from the account - that's all. The citizen can only replenish his capital in a timely manner. It is interesting that you can not translate it into a loan form - you need to enter into a separate contract.

A debit card can be remotely controlledthrough on-line-services or mobile communication. Cash, of course, this way you will not get, but make payments or get information about the movements on the account - easily.

Initially, the currency of the card is determined by the contract,However, if necessary, it can be converted, which is especially important abroad. The only problem is a high commission for the exchange. However, from extra expenses, a separately designed debit card with the required currency will save you. This is usually the case with experienced travelers.

We hope that we managed to explain to you thatis a debit card. By common opinion - this is a very convenient and useful payment tool. Most importantly, it eliminates the difficulties associated with cash.

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What is a debit card. Its capabilities What is a debit card. Its capabilities What is a debit card. Its capabilities What is a debit card. Its capabilities What is a debit card. Its capabilities What is a debit card. Its capabilities What is a debit card. Its capabilities