What is a copy?

Anna Bazarova
Anna Bazarova
May 15, 2015
What is a copy?

The word copy comes from the Latin copia, which literally means set. A copy in general terms refers to the exact reproduction of the text of the original, for example, of a document, as well as reproduction of the original in various ways, for example, using a print or print. The term is found in various fields of knowledge, let's find out what copy is in some of them.

What is a copy: values

Very often, a copy must be notarized to confirm the authenticity of the paper. For example, many banks, when applying for a loan, require a certified copy of their employment record from the working population. A copy in this case is certified by the office at the place of work of the person. Read more about this procedure in our article How to assure a copy of labor.

  • The term broad is used in jurisprudence, where a copy is an exact re-creation of any legally important document: employment record, passport, pension, TIN, etc.
  • The copy is universally used in various genres and types of art.Here, the purpose of the copy is to recreate the artwork, repeating the original, while preserving the manner of execution of the original, as well as the size of the original. Although sometimes reproduction occurs in a reduced or enlarged form. The copy played an enormous role in preserving the works of art of antiquity, when in the Hellenistic period the copying of the best examples of the heritage began. Today, copies are used to preserve art masterpieces from possible damage and external influences, and also as visual aids in schools, art schools, universities.
  • An archive copy is a document of an official nature, with an exact repetition of a text or image of an archived original document with an indication of its output data.
  • In the colloquial style, a copy is understood as the outward resemblance of someone to someone, for example: "Yes, he is your copy! Just look!".
  • The concept of a backup copy is applicable in programming and computer field.

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