What is a compliment?

Anna Bazarova
Anna Bazarova
March 30, 2015
What is a compliment?

The Russian word compliment comes from French compliment and literally means praise, approval, a way to express respect for a person. A compliment is usually dressed in the form of flattering, pleasant words, often accompanied by an exclamation or heightened emotionality, for example - "How delightfully beautiful you are today!"

When we say compliments

A compliment is a very simple but sure way to build a connection with a person. The reason for the compliment can serve as a variety of situations, but in all cases, from receiving a compliment, the addressee has a feeling of contentment with herself and self-esteem rises. Therefore, it is sometimes important to give people compliments, especially to those who are not confident in themselves and their abilities. In this case, compliments are the motivating force to overcome the barrier of personal fear.

When you say a person a compliment, be as honest and frank as possible. Very often, some have resorted to using flattering compliments when pursuing some personal goals.Suppose you need something from a person, and you are trying to achieve its location with the help of beautiful words.

From the point of view of psychology, it is believed that when you say pleasant words to someone, they raise your own self-esteem because you need a certain amount of self-confidence to notice something good in other people, but also to voice it out loud.

Also, the term compliment is applicable to circus art, where it has the meaning of a kind of bow, thanks to the viewer in the circus hall.

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