What is a company?

Victoria Dmitrieva
Victoria Dmitrieva
December 25, 2012
What is a company?

Voiced and strict call: "Roth lifting!" does not give any chances for further undisturbed sleep. This phrase was heard by many, and, jokingly, they pronounced themselves. What is a company?

A company is a military formation of tactical significance capable of performing small tasks independently in combat conditions. Structurally, the company includes several platoons and squadrons. The company is subordinated to the battalion. Often there is a company as an independent formation, then it has the adjective "separate".

Find out how many people in the company is not quite easy. The number of companies in the armed forces is diverse and depends on the type of troops in which this formation is located. So the smallest number of people in a tank company from 32 to 55 people, determined by the number of crews for tanks. The most common number of up to 150 people has a motorized infantry company. The largest companies in terms of numbers include construction units and airborne troops. From 200 to 250 people.

The size of a company is determined by who or what constitutes its main combat potential. Man or element of military equipment.

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