What is a collage?

Collage is a kind of reception of fine art or other art, which consists in creating works by gluing various materials or objects on a chosen basis. However, its parts may differ in texture or color.

Collage is the name and the product, completely made in this technique. It is used to surprise the audience with a combination of dissimilar materials that emphasize emotional intensity. In addition to sticking materials when creating a collage, you can use ink, watercolor or other artistic means.

The collage was introduced into art by representatives of the following trends:

  • Cubists;
  • futurists;
  • Dadaists.

In the early stages, photographs, wallpapers, and newspaper clippings were used as glued materials. Slivers or cloths were sometimes attached to the canvas.

Create photo collages

Photo collages are an arbitrary combination of images that may not be interrelated and made in different techniques. To create this collage, you need to overlay one image to another or combine several photos into one.In the process of developing photographic art, the authors had the opportunity to apply all sorts of techniques and methods for creating such works.

collageModern technology allows almost any user to create an attractive collage. To do this, you do not need to have the skills of a professional photographer and retoucher. Much depends on the flight of the author's imagination, originality, ideas, as well as the desire to create something truly unusual. Photo collage is acceptable for the following topics:

  • Satirical;
  • Philosophical;
  • Political;
  • Metamorphic;
  • Propaganda.

Collage is also widely used in the development of advertising tools to attract customers.

Appointment of video collage and musical collage

The video collage is a video sequence that is compiled from separate passages.collageone or more videos. Sometimes this video can be supplemented with text or photos that reflect the creative idea of ​​the author.

In addition, the concept of "collage" is widely used in music. Here it means the use by the composer of some fragments of a third-party work.Collages are usually used to create surrealistic music.

Other genres

Nowadays, a collage can be considered a separate, independent genre of art. It is used in:

  • cinema;
  • modern poetry;
  • rock music.

The collage is extremely close to another graphic tool - an appliqué that is created using all sorts of materials: fabrics, newspapers, tin, etc.

The collage genre can be considered assemblage, which involves the use of various objects or fragments, as well as their subsequent layout and layout on the plane.

collageIn the modern sense, the term “collage” is also used to designate techniques by which independent finished works are created from a number of selected fragments (usually through computer layout). The basis for developing digital collages is the use of layers. In the process of developing a collage, all sorts of blending, transparency, and blending are used. Nowadays, the lines between the terms “photo collage” and “photomontage” are almost erased.

Modern collages can even be created from garbage:

  • documents;
  • notes;
  • newspapers;
  • scraps of paper;
  • magazines.

Now you know what a collage is and what is its significance in contemporary art.

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