What is a bachelor degree?

The bachelor's degree in the Russian Federation was introduced in 1996, however, many still do not know what bachelor's degree is, how this degree differs from other degrees. Therefore, in this article we will consider the concept of undergraduate education, answer the question what it is, how the undergraduate differs from the magistracy and specialty.

Undergraduate concept

The bachelor's degree is understood to be such a degree that is assigned to a student of a higher educational institution after graduation and receiving a chosen specialty. In fact, this degree means that a person has received a higher education, they are oriented in their specialty and can continue their studies in order to obtain a degree of a specialist or a master's degree. Undergraduate includes 4 years of study.

In this case, the first three years the student goes through the general program of study. As soon as the 4th course begins, he must decide on the choice of specialization. After the student chooses his future specialization, he must study in the university for another year.

There are applied and academic baccalaureate. In the case of an applied emphasis on practice, the academic bachelor degree includes more hours of theory. However, in practice, it all depends on the specific program adopted at the university.

Bachelor degree

A bachelor's degree is a document of higher education. This document indicates the qualifications of the student who has completed a full course of study at a higher educational institution. For example, if a student was studying at the Faculty of Economics, then in the column the degree will be indicated “Bachelor of Economics”. Graduate specialization will be marked in the profile.

It is the profile of education that ultimately plays the main role for the graduate in future employment.

Employment and further education

After completion of studies at a higher educational institution, a graduate may continue his studies at the master's program or go to employment. A bachelor's degree allows a graduate to find a job and receive practical training that will be sufficient to perform tasks corresponding to a particular profession.The bachelor has the right to hold positions that require higher education. Also being a bachelor, a person has the right to go to study abroad or rely on employment in foreign companies.

Difference of the bachelor from the expert and the master

The main differences between undergraduate and specialist degrees are less thorough study of the specialty. However, as mentioned above, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, a graduate can continue his studies. This system is called "Bologna". It involves the transfer of a bachelor to master level. Thus, the student must take another 2 courses, which will last for two years.

As a result, it can be said that choosing between these degrees, the applicant must decide for himself what is more suitable for him in the future and which program in his opinion is the most suitable.

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