What ingredients for okroshka can be used?

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In the summer, you don’t want to spend much time around the stove, so we try to cook very light and simple dishes. In this list you will definitely find okroshka, which is the most popular summer soup. It can be prepared at home or ordered in any cafe. Ingredients for okroshka very much resemble Russian salad, but only seasoned with some kind of liquid. Of course, there are exotic options, but this is just an amateur. Let's learn how to make delicious okroshka.ingredients for okroshka

Dish options

There is a sufficient variety of this summer dish, let's consider all possible options:

- Okroshka from vegetables. In this embodiment, you can use any vegetables and even pickles.

- Okroshka with meat. Here you definitely need to use any kind of meat.

- Okroshka with fish. In the old days they made just such an option of summer soup using sturgeon.

- Okroshka with mushrooms. Mushrooms can be used both raw and wet.

- Okroshka exotic.We have already mentioned this option. It may include seafood, fruit, caviar.

The main ingredients for okroshka (4 servings)

- Eggs. You can use not only chicken, but also quail. They are boiled and cut into cubes - 2-3 pcs.

- Cucumbers. Fresh cucumbers can be used with or without the skin, it all depends on your desire - 2-3 pcs.

- Greenery. Here you can use all your favorite options, such as parsley, basil, spinach and the like. Try to chop it as small as possible. Greens need 10-20 g.how to cook delicious okroshka

- Potatoes. Boiled vegetable is used at will, it all depends on your taste. Try to take new potatoes, which will give tenderness to okroshka. Many experimenters even fry a root crop in order to add a “zest” - 3-4 pieces.

- Meat. Try to take lean meat, which after cooking will be very tender. Also, for a change, you can bake it, grill it or stew it. The following ingredients for okroshka will give it a gentle and interesting taste - 100-200 g.

- Sausage. This is a controversial ingredient that few will apply. Try to include it in the dish, and you will understand whether it suits you or not - 300 g.

- A fish.Use it lean, with a small amount of bones. You can take, for example, perch, cod, sturgeon and the like. How to cook delicious okroshka from fish? Just use it in the three most appropriate types: baked, boiled or hot smoked. In this variant of greens, it is best to use mint, oregano or rosemary - 200-300 g.

- Mushrooms. Here, too, there is where to roam, you can use raw, boiled or pickled mushrooms, everything again depends on your taste. Okroshka will turn out delicious, the ingredients in which will be your favorite - 200 g.okroshka ingredients


All ingredients for okroshka that you chose, you need to chop and pour something. Here we also have a few suggestions:

- Kvass. If you choose a store drink, then it must be acidified, for this use citric acid. But the best option is to do it yourself. For fish okroshka use only kvass.

- Dairy products. You can use: whey, kefir, yogurt or airan. This option is considered the eastern.

- Mineral water. It is added to other basic dressings or used with sour cream.

- Brine.You can take it from cucumbers, tomatoes, or sauerkraut. If it’s too sour, just add water.

- Broths. Broths can also be different, and, if desired, you need to add sourness.

- Beer. Best for men. Use unfiltered beer, which you can dilute with kvass or water.

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