What if the condom broke?

Virtually every couple during intercourseuses contraceptives. The most commonly used barrier means of protection, because they can not only warn couples of unwanted conception, but also protects against the possible transfer of various infections. At the same time, young people rarely pay attention to the timing of the selection of protective equipment. As a rule, his choice is rather careless. But what if the condom broke?

First of all, you should only purchasequality products. Many partners, trying to save money, buy cheaper condoms made in China. Unfortunately, they have low quality characteristics. It is after their active use that the question may arise: what to do if the prezrivat tore.

When a tear occurs, there is a riskoccurrence of some sexually transmitted diseases or successful conception. But if the case took place, then it is still possible to take certain security measures, the main thing is to do it quickly and on time. So, what if the condom broke? Do not panic, because nothing terrible has happened yet.

Currently, some well-knownmanufacturers produce condoms of double protection. That is, the product is lubricated with the addition of spermicide, and it, as is known, contributes to the destruction of the proteinaceous fluid, in particular sperm. But such reliable protection has certain drawbacks, which for many couples can prove insurmountable. So most of the young people decided to give up condoms with special lubrication due to loss of sensations during sexual intercourse.

Barrier contraceptive of fine structureSupports sensitivity, but not too reliable in use. The answer to the question: what to do if the condom is torn, logical and simple, but not every pair has time to figure it out. It is necessary to calculate to which period of the monthly cycle the day belongs. After all, everyone knows that all days except the week in the middle of which ovulation occurs are considered safe. You can not neglect the rules of personal hygiene. After the trouble, immediately take a shower and remove the sperm remnants with douching. The solution for douching can be either ordinary boiled water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide. Do not use solutions with strong drugs, because they can get into the blood and cause poisoning.

The woman first of all raises the question: What to do if the barrier contraceptive has torn. Immediately comes the thought of syringing. You should know that it only makes sense during the first five minutes after the event. But doctors and do not see the point in this lesson, because the result is rather illusive.

The most qualified assistance will be provided byonly a doctor. He will explain what to do if the condom is torn. As a rule, oral contraceptives for emergency treatment are prescribed. That is, such drugs that are able to quickly eliminate the fetus at the initial stage of fixing. In most cases, they contain a female hormone called progesterone, which stimulates the activity of the walls of the uterus. The most common remedy is the drug Postinor. However, you should know that its use is allowed no more than 2 times a year. The government of European countries refer it to unacceptable medicines, since it includes the limit level of hormones. The likelihood of adverse consequences, for example, a malfunction in the work of female genital organs or excessive bleeding is significant.

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