What if you fell in love?

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What if you fell in love?

Being in love is a good feeling, because it gives a person a meaning to live and inspires him. That's just to continue this way, the feeling should be mutual. But this moment has yet to be found out, you may have to win the love of your chosen one. Talk about what to do if a guy falls in love.

How to behave if in love?

If a young man is covered with a feeling of love, then you should not sit back and act. After all, it will depend on this, whether the girl will reciprocate him or not.

Feel the soil

First you need to understand whether your object of desire experiences similar feelings. In this case, you should communicate with her. During the conversation, you should pay attention to the non-verbal signs that the girl gives you. If she laughs at your jokes, does not cross her arms, allows you to touch the shoulder, wrists, smiles at you, then this says that your object of passion for you is not indifferent. But when a lady tries to avoid eye contact with you,answers your questions in monosyllables and tries to end the conversation as soon as possible, referring to being busy, it can be concluded that you are not interested in her. Based on this, you can take other actions that will allow you to get closer to the girl.

Get close to your sweetheart

If it seems to you that your lady's heart has feelings for you, then you need to get close to her. Invite her on a date in the cinema, theater, to the exhibition. Give flowers for no reason. If she asks why you made this gesture, you can say that you just wanted to make her feel good. She will be flattered by your attention and will surely understand your hint. Here the main thing is to continue to show signs of attention in order to quickly get closer to the beloved. You can give romantic gifts - sweets, small soft toys, and better try to get to know each other better. In this case, you need to spend more time with the girl. Go on nature, walk together. Very interesting information on the topic of love can be found in our articles How boys fall in love and How guys fall in love.

If a girl does not pay attention to you

If, by all indications, your lady of the heart does not feel a response to you, then you should not lose faith, because you can win it. To do this, you need to be close to her, so you can quickly get closer to her, without causing negative emotions. In this case, it is recommended to visit the same places as she. Try to find out from her friends about her hobby, find out everything about him, so when you meet you will have a common topic for conversation. You can also ask your beloved to help you in this or that project. Give a small gift in gratitude for her contribution. She will be very happy, and you will be exalted in her eyes. When relations become warmer, invite the girl to a cafe or a movie. If the choice fell on the first option, show your gallantry. Substitute the lady chair when she will sit down, provide a choice of drinks to her. Show gallantry on every date, meeting, and soon the girl will love you.

Find out what else you can do when in love with our article What to do if you love a girl.

When nothing helps

If a girl does not want to not only meet with you, but also shows neglect by her behavior and actions, then you should cope with your feelings and forget it.Of course, at first it will seem impossible, but it will take a little time and clarity of mind will return to you. To make this happen as quickly as possible, you should stay away from the object of passion, and it is better to plunge into work or study.

You can try to meet other girls. Take a look around, because I will give a huge amount, probably a few glances at you. Go on a date, disco, exhibition. All this will help to distract from the one that rejected you. Remember that time heals, and soon there will be no trace of your love.

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