What holidays are there in January?

As they say, give the person freedom - every daythere will be a weekend. At the same time, January holidays are the very first in the year. We all love the first winter month for the fact that it has many holidays, and accordingly, and days off. But very few of us really know what kind of January holidays are, how we relax these days. Where it is prescribed, not everyone knows. And what to do after the January holidays? In this article we will deal with all these issues.

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What celebrations come to mind when we talk"January holidays"? Of course, above all, it's New Year, Christmas and Epiphany. However, apart from them there is a huge amount of both Russian and international holidays. Nevertheless, let's talk about everything in order.

Holidays of the first decade of January

New Year, which comes on the first of January -a favorite holiday for all children and adults. In our country, as in many other countries, it is traditionally celebrated on the night of December 31 to January 1. On a wonderful holiday, it is customary to give gifts to each other and to say kind words and wishes. Each year has its own symbol in accordance with the Eastern calendar. 2016 is the year of the Monkey, 2017 is the year of the Rooster, 2018 is the year of the Dog and so on.

In addition, on the same day, the Worldday of peace. This is a significant date for the Roman Catholic Church. In the Vatican this is a day off, and in Brazil the same day is celebrated as the World Day of Universal Brotherhood. At the same time, September 21 marks the International Day of Peace on the initiative of the United Nations.

Christmas Eve comes on the sixth of January. What is the reason for this name? It is associated with the custom of Orthodox Christians to take on this day osvo in food. Sochi is a dried bread grain. They are soaked in water and, quite simply, they are porridge. Soziv for the Orthodox was not only porridge and any lean food, but also "milk of different seeds." These are oils - sunflower, poppy, hemp, and also all kinds of others. This "milk" seasoned porridge at the usual time, but especially often - during the forty-day post before Christmas, as well as on Christmas Eve.

January holidays

Christmas itself is on the seventh of January. A great church Christian holiday, established in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Holidays of the second decade of January

January 11 is celebrating World Day of Words"Thanks" - the most polite day of the year! In ancient times, our early ancestors, using words of gratitude, usually used only the verb "to thank". Our ancestors said: "Thank you!" It was at a time when paganism prevailed on our land. But when Christianity came, the original word "thank" was replaced with "thanks." Therefore, people came up with a "Thanksgiving" Day in January, the 11th.

Among other things, the Day of Reserves and Parks begins on January 11 - just on this day in Russia the very first state and national reserve, Barguzinsky, was established.

Another important date is Labor Dayprosecutors, comes in the Russian Federation on January 12. By the way, on this day in 1722 by decree of Peter the Great was first established a special position - the prosecutor general. This post was established under the Senate. The holiday is celebrated by the decree of the Russian president since 1996. At that time, Boris Yeltsin was the president.

January 13 - Day of the Press in Russia - givena significant event is celebrated on this day due to the fact that on January 13, in Tsarist Russia, according to the categorical decree of Peter I, the number of the first Russian newspaper was published. There were no other newspapers in Russia then, and Peter the Great himself was very pleased with this event. The newspaper was called Vedomosti.

The Old New Year is celebrated on January 14. This remarkable and unique holiday has turned out as a result of change of system of chronology.

Day of the Commission for Minors -it was on this day in the 20th century that the "Decree on the establishment of commissions for minors" was adopted - also celebrated on January 14. The purpose of this commission was not to punish teenagers, as it could be, but to provide assistance and support to them, as well as their parents. The Commission on Minors' Affairs ensures that in the future the child can find himself in this troubled life.

Epiphany Christmas Eve comes on January 18th - thisevening-cooking. At this time, the Orthodox - on the eve of a large Orthodox holiday. An important religious date is called the Epiphany of the Lord, or Baptism.

Accordingly, the Epiphany celebrates 19January - this day the Orthodox Church remembers how the prophet John the Baptist performed the sacred rite. The action that took place in the Jordan River was the baptism of Jesus.

January holidays as a rest

Holidays of the third decade of January

International embrace day - non-standard date inyear. According to the tradition of this holiday, it is required to conclude into a friendly embrace on this day even an unfamiliar person. It is believed that students came up with this holiday! And it is celebrated on January 21.

In addition, January 21 is the Day of Engineeringtroops. The history of these troops is from the time of yet another decree of Peter the Great, which was announced on January 21, 1701. This was the law on the establishment in Moscow of a completely new, unparalleled in Russia, School of Pushkarskogo order. That is why this day is celebrated this holiday. Officers of artillery and military engineers were trained in this school.

Weekends for January holidays

Tatyana's Day, January 25, approved by decreePresident of the Russian Federation as a professional holiday of many Russian students. It is celebrated on January 25 with a new style, because in 1755 the Moscow State University was founded. Just since then, Saint Tatiana is considered one of the patronesses of students. By the way, this very name - Tatiana - means "organizer" in translation from the Greek language and came from antiquity.

Day Navigator navigator - January 25: in the XVIII century, Peter the First decided to teach navigators laws, as well as navigation rules. However, the holiday itself is celebrated only since 1997.

weekends for January holidays

But on January 26, the Day of the customs officer, which was first celebrated in 1983, is coming. This date is timed to the jubilee of the world organization responsible for customs borders.

The day of invention of the car is celebrated on the day when the creator of the car Benz got a patent for his remarkable invention. This is January 29th.

Day of Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snow Maiden - this day in Russia was considered a popular winter holiday, in which people glorified Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snow Maiden. It is celebrated on January 30.

What other holidays are there in January?

In addition to the famous holidays in Russia, there are also international holidays in January, among which:

  • Birthday of an ordinary straw for cocktails - January 3.
  • Newton's Day comes in January, 4 numbers.
  • The World Day of the rather famous band The Beatles - January 16; they are considered the ancestors of heavy music.
  • Day of children's inventions. Very interesting and sweet date falls on January 17.
  • Day of hand writing - January 23; still it is called Day of Handwriting.
  • The date of the amusing International Eskimo Day is January 24th.
  • Day of protection of personal and personal data is celebrated on January 28.
  • Day of mobilization against the most serious threat - nuclear war - comes on January 29.
  • International day of absence of the Internet - January 31.

work in January holidays

Many of the listed January holidaysare popular in our country. But a good question arises: "What are the days off for the January holidays?" Now we will deal with this problem in the light of Russian legislation.

Weekends for the holidays in January

See what are the official days offfor January holidays and for others during the year, it is possible in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. In particular, Article 112 of the Labor Code establishes an official weekend from the first to the eighth of January. These days are New Year holidays. And on January 7, it's Christmas itself, also a non-working day.

Weekends in other January holidays,for example, professional, can be installed in a particular organization independently. However, it should be noted once again that the Labor Code refers only to the first eight days to the holiday holidays in January.

after the January holidays

When to work in January?

Proceeding from the aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion,that work in the January holidays is not carried out. To work, we proceed almost in the middle of the month, when all the celebrations will end. A specific number is established annually by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Transfer of January holidays

By the way, the government of the Russian Federation under the agreement withthe President of the Russian Federation makes a decision every year to postpone non-working days and holidays, which may fall on the weekend, on other days, for example, on January 10 or 11 or in general for other months.

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