Vodonaeva updated the car, Bonya invades Twitter, but what about their former love? Today is two years old, as one of the most extraordinary participants in reality - the show "Dom-2" left the project. Stepan had a relationship with the brightest girls of the show - Alena Vodonaeva and Victoria Bonya. These two beauties took everything they wanted from the project. Alena is happily married to a wealthy man, has given birth to a son. She boasted in a blog the day before that her husband gave her an expensive Infinity FX 37 chocolate-colored machine. “A powerful and very clever girl,” as Alyona called her. As it turned out, being a brawler on the show, now Alena Vodonaeva is also a “smart girl”, she diligently keeps house and sometimes portrays something on television.
Victoria Ooh! So, too, took tactics “clever girls.” Although they asked her from the TNT channel, but Bonia does not give up his celebrities to positions, positioning himself on Twitter. In general, it remains in the trend and constantly receives expensive gifts from fans.
- Menshikov - then God himself ordered to occupy television.He is an artist, a clown at least. And just like this, he didn’t ask himself for any kind of broadcast on his native channel, the Twitter dweller wonders.

In the photo: Stepan MenshikovIn the photo: Stepan Menshikov
Those who constantly watch online reality TV show house 2, of course, often recall the charismatic and funny Stepa Menshikov, who named Ksenia Sobchak Anatolyevna and was generally original. It is clear that after the project there were a lot of good fellows, but everyone remembered exactly Stepav, who except for the two above-mentioned girls twisted love with Ksenia Pomortseva, Elena Bushina, Natalya Varvina, left for Sasha Kharitonova.
According to the latest Stepa settled in Yekaterinburg, although it raids Moscow, but can not solve the problems with housing.
The editors of “Know Everything” wishes Stepan Menshikov not to remain in the shadow!

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