What flowers to give a girl?

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What flowers to give a girl?

Of course, any donated flowers bring joy to the fair sex. But a man who wants to show their special attention, seeks to find out which flowers are better to give to a girl.

Meaning of flowers - what flowers to give a girl

If the main factor in choosing a flower for you is the transfer of meaning to a given attention sign, then consider the meaning of flowers.

Colors of colors:

  • Red flowers are better to give your girlfriend. After all, red color symbolizes love, ardent passion, fire and desire, so be careful: don't give red flowers to someone else’s bride. If you want to confess your love or strong sympathy, then a long unpacked rose or a bunch of them is the best choice in your situation. What color roses to give to a girl is naturally red if you are madly in love with her.
  • Pink flowers will help in a more delicate situation ... Do you think about what flowers to give to the girl's mother, aunt "aged", a work colleague or a friend's young wife? No need to hesitate, take pink flowers, which are a universal sign of attention.No matter what age a person is, whatever reason is turned up, they are good everywhere. Open a small secret, even the floor will not be an obstacle.
  • White flowers can give a young girl. White color means tenderness, purity and innocence. Present white flowers to your girlfriend with the words that all this symbolizes pure, real sympathy for her. So you show your respect for the young lady, show how you treasure her and do not want to frighten off the light of love that originated.
  • Feel free to give orange flowers to a bright, naughty and fun girl. Suppose, as long as you are not ready to reveal all your feelings and present red roses, or simply this is not your beloved, but a sign of attention to be put. Buy orange flowers, it will symbolize happiness, celebration, harvest, as well as power and strength.
  • Yellow flowers are considered to be a symbol of separation or infidelity in Russia. However, many girls prefer this color of flowers, as they consider it cheerful and sunny. Who better to give such flowers? In order not to be trapped, if you do not know how exactly your passion belongs to yellow flowers, you should not make experiments.Give yellow flowers to any person as a sign of respect, strong friendship, recognition and admiration.

Varieties of colors:

  • Pansies. What kind of flower to give a girl for whom you miss? Sincere feelings will give the wildflowers. Pansies just will mean a kiss, a cute "miss".
  • Carnation If you give a carnation to your grandmother, then it will rather symbolize honor, freedom and loyalty. For a young girl - her passion. But in general, carnations are a symbol of female love, which means it is good to give them to men.
  • Gerbera. These flowers give the girl in the very beginning of the relationship, as they mean flirting and secret sympathy.
  • Gladiolus. The flower of a real knight, a strong and courageous man who wants to tell a girl that she can rely on him and will be behind him, as if behind a stone wall.
  • Calla. If you admire the girl, give this particular flower to her to show how great she is.
  • Give lilies to a girl as a sign of her interest.
  • Rose flower. Of course, roses mean love and passionate passion, when you want to be with your loved one with all your heart!

What flowers to give a girl so that they stand longer

How I want to come to visit her and see that your flower is still standing in a vase! In order for the flowers not to wilt quickly, you need to make the right choice in the store ...

  • Give fresh flowers!
  • Do not buy flowers with spangles or special paint sprinkled on them for decoration. You will make an impression, but they will not stand for long.
  • Also, do not buy flowers, the bud of which is wrapped in an artificial "skirt", a ribbon and other trinkets. Thus, you allow yourself to be deceived, for sure, all the petals are kept only thanks to all these "clothespins".
  • When you want to give flowers to a girl, stop your attention only on flowers with smooth petals. Wrinkles on the petals say that this flower is not the first freshness.

If you believe in omens, then know that the longer the flower given to the girl is, the stronger the boy's love for her. Of course, all this is superstition, but how nice it is when your bouquet will not wilt longer than the rest!

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