"What else do men say?": Actors and features

Today we will talk about the movie "What else do men say" - actors, photos and features of the plot will be discussed further. The painting is a continuation of the 2010 film.


what else do men talk about?

To begin, we discuss the plot of the film "What else?"they say men. " Actors and roles will be presented in the next section. The action takes place in the office of the agency, led by Sasha Demidov. Four wealthy men managed to have three children. The rest of the life of the heroes is filled with deceit of their dear women, friends, and also themselves. Heroes tell how they are bad, good or incomprehensible with their mistresses, how they experience, suffer or rejoice. They deceive and in small things, and in important things.

Main actors

what else do men say about actors and roles?Lyosha and Slava are the main characters in the film "What Men Talk About". Actors Leonid Baratz and Rostislav Hayit embodied these images. Let's talk more about the first of them.
Leonid Baratz is a Russian actor, screenwriter andproducer. He is one of the creators of the comic theater called "Quartet I". Known for roles in the productions "What Men Talk About" and "Radio Day". Together with "Quartet I" he played in the film "Faster than rabbits". Father - a journalist - Grigory Isaakovich Baratz. The actor's mother, Zoya Isaevna, is a methodologist in the kindergarten. Got a name in honor of my great-grandfather. Parents initially wanted to call him Alexei. He can not accept the real name. He studied at the Odessa school with Rostislav Hait, who became his colleague in "Quartet I". He was a student of GITIS. At that time the artistic director was V. Korovin. I met Sergey Petreyikov, Kamil Larin and Alexander Demidov. After the end of GITIS, Sergei, Alexander, Kamil, Rostislav and Leonid created a comic theater called "Quartet I". He went abroad and received a green card. Has returned back. He is not going to leave Russia any more. I tried my hand at writing. Wrote a play called "Radio Day". The production lasted more than two hours and the spectators liked it very much. Soon it was decided to create a sequel - "Election Day".

Alexander Demidov played the role of Sasha. Camille Larin played his namesake.

Other heroes

Nastya and Vera - the wives of Lyosha and Kamil - twomemorable female image, presented in the film "What else do men say". Actors, or rather actresses Elena Podkaminskaya and Alyona Babenko, embodied these images. Vladimir Menshov played Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy. Sigmund Freud and DJ Max also feature in the plot of the film "What else do men say". Actors Sergei Burunov and Maxim Vitorgan performed these roles. Konstantin Chepurin played the watchman Ivan Timofeevich. Alexei Makarov played the role of Pasha. Ekaterina Vilkova embodied the image of Angela Viktorovna - a lady who had a road conflict with Sasha. Vitaly Khayev played a "serious man", probably he is a senior officer of the FSB. Anatoly Bely played the role of Valera with the "five" in the Russian language. Denis Shvedov played Boria, an FSB officer with the highest score in physics. Natalia Shvets was remembered by the audience as Vika - a friend of Sasha. Alexei Kortnev played himself. Vladimir Kisarov played the role of cavalier Vicki. Mikhail Efremov was reincarnated as Father Innocent. Valdis Pelsh played Sasha's boss. Anna Kasatkina-Baratz played the role of Pasha's wife. Maria Zykova played the secretary of Sasha's boss.

Interesting Facts

what else do men say about actors?Now let's give some interesting information aboutthe film "What else do men say." The actors were represented above. The bulk of the musical design was created by Alexei Kortnev and his team. The shooting was completed in 2011. The plot was based on the original script. Among the films shot in Russia in 2012, this picture had the highest box office. The genre of the tape is a tragicomedy. Duration - 95 minutes. The director was Dmitry Dyachenko.

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