What dreams pit?

August 9, 2012
What dreams pit?

Let's talk about dreams, and more specifically: why the pit dreams. But. First I want to say. Determine the value of your dream, remembering that all interpretations are conditional. The context is important, it is important that he dreams of YOU. Analyze sleep in parallel with the analysis of your life.

Dream pit: what it says

  • Dream - You fell into a hole. Expect to improve your material wealth.
  • Not the most pleasant - in a dream you dig a hole. Consider whether you are creating problems for yourself.
  • Grave pit in a dream is not so scary. If you dig it - well-being should overtake you. Perhaps in the manner of the marriage bond.
  • The pit on the road can dream as a warning about the dubious society surrounding you.
  • The pit arose right in front of you. Sleep can be a warning: think about the right choice and be careful.

Pleasant dreams! And remember: you decide what to expect and what you would like.

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