What dreams own death?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 20, 2015
What dreams own death?

It is said that if a man dreamed that he died, then this person will live happily ever after. But not so simple. Such dreams fall into the category of particularly significant. After all, something triggers the mechanism of such a dream? Is our subconscious mind turning our attention to something? Let's try to understand what dreams of own death, what psychologists say about it and how dream books interpret such dreams.

According to psychologists

Psychologists believe that in such dreams your dissatisfaction with your own life, which you may not even realize, manifests itself. This is a signal from the subconscious that it is necessary to change something, otherwise set priorities in life.

Such a dream is an unconscious desire to start everything from scratch. Psychologists do not exclude the fact that this is how the subconscious desire to find a new job or to move to another city.

Interpretation of dream books

If you believe the dream-book, then the dream of his own death predicts incredible luck, and career growth, and a good purchase,and meeting with your other half, and many other things. Let us dwell on some interesting features of such dreams.

  • Seeing how you were killed - in reality, you face some danger.
  • To see that a friend killed you - boldly count on the help of this person.
  • Suicide - you are waiting for the recognition of their own mistakes.
  • Death for an unknown reason - you are in for a surprise.
  • See how you mourn - people who cry, waiting for good news.
  • See how they bury you - prepare for serious losses.
  • To die and rise again - sleep symbolizes life's fears.
  • To avoid death at the last moment - you will successfully resolve the conflict with loved ones.

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