Why dream of a Christmas tree? Interpretation of dreams

The interpretation of dream values ​​depends solely on many details. At first glance, they look insignificant, but it is the little things that suggest the context in which this information should be understood.

It would seem that the image of an elegant fluffy beauty should set up a complacent mood and not foreshadow any trouble. In the dream room, the Christmas tree is one of the most common symbols and far from harmless, as many people think. But first things first.

tree in the forest

The main symbol of New Year celebrations

Holiday turmoil, the expectation of gifts and miracles - a feeling familiar from childhood. A Christmas tree dressed in a dream on the eve of holidays usually doesn’t signify anything surprising. Therefore, of interest is the decorated forest guest, who dreamed long before the red date of the calendar.

Most interpretations converge on the fact that jewelry symbolizes a willingness to change, an increase in vitality, the beginning of an improvement in material well-being.

Independently hang decorations - a hint about the current state of affairs.Time to rest: severe stress and exhaustion with an endless series of endless troubles will not bring to good.

The dreamed New Year's beauty informs in summer or autumn: it's time to de-stress in the company of the closest, dear people. Do not deny yourself the pleasure. Cause time, fun hour. So an hour of fun broke through. It's time to enjoy life.

The only thing you should pay attention to if you dreamed of snow. The presence of a snowfall and a dressed Christmas tree is interpreted negatively by a dream book. This is a warning that some guests may not be fully adequate. Most likely that the holiday will be quite traumatic. In this case, it is better not to arrange any celebrations.

Removing jewelry in a dream should set up a working mood and help not to give in to sadness. Getting rid of the Christmas tree after the holidays is a very good sign. The family reigns harmony, comfort. This should be kept, and all the rest - minor issues.

Cut down or buy?

When analyzing what dreams of trees, it is necessary to pay attention to how they appear in the dreamer. Is he buying a conifer or chopping? Buying means that family happiness, communication with children, something that most people strive for and dream of, already has someone who has the good fortune to see such signs.There is no reason to worry about the strength of family ties. Children also do not deliver unnecessary worries.

Cut down the Christmas tree - a dream that makes guard. "Wood chopping - chips fly." You can not resist the temptation to go into conflict. In this case, you can become not only his central figure, participant, but in the end, the responsibility for this discord will also be laid, or rather, shifted onto the shoulders of the person who saw this dream. Another meaning is that an innocent person will suffer through the fault of the dreamer.

dream tree

Plant spruce

A wonderful sign of good luck is to plant a coniferous tree. Home, family, finances, security - things in these areas will go up. This is especially true of those who saw themselves planting this conifer tree in their home. This is one of the most favorable interpretations of dreams about the Christmas tree.

But this should by no means be a guide to action in real life. The fact is that planting such a plant in reality on its own personal plot is a very bad idea. It can bring not only failures, but also the death of loved ones.

The appearance of the forest beauty

Before you begin to decipher what dreams of Christmas trees, you need to remember how they looked.Psychoanalysts associate the dried plant with withering in the field of intimate life. The partner does not already cause that storm of feelings, passions.

Crumbled iglitsa can talk about various troubles, misfortunes.

Green tree bears the most positive. A dream where a person inhales its scent, enjoys beauty, promises good health or a cure for the disease. But this statement concerns a living plant. A felled green beauty without ornaments is a hidden signal of the body: it's time to pay attention to health.

Difficult choice or making difficult decisions - blue spruce. Avoid or sit out will not work. The alternative is small, you have to choose the lesser of two evils. In any case, there will be losses. The most important thing here is to minimize them, even though it will not be easy.

If there are many cones - to profit. Collecting them - getting a big material benefit. A bump that fell on his head - the trouble of envious, gossip, squabbles. It is impossible to disregard this, otherwise it will only aggravate the situation.

dream tree green

Spruce paws

Sleep about the paw of a Christmas tree by many dream-books is usually treated negatively. For example, to see her broken - shame, humiliation.If it is dry, a needle falls from it, which means that diseases creep in. In this case, prevention is always better than cure.

Some dry pine foot associated with the news of friends scattered around the world. The news is unfortunately sad. Orthodox dream interpretation of broken spruce branches considers the harbinger of the death of close relatives.

The breaking of coniferous branches is interpreted as a manifestation of child care. It is the children who will become reliable protection and support in a difficult moment.

Another option, less rosy for women, is loneliness. The main mistake is that girls associate this problem with their imaginary flaws, although in reality the problem is much more prosaic. Modern men, for the most part, are timid, shy. The first step is hard for them. Sleep is just about that. You should not wait for the weather from the sea, you need to take everything into your own hands.

To break a branch on your own is to win. Although in reality human relationships are too complicated. Simple solutions or unambiguous answers do not always appear.

Keep the branch - willingness to change soon. They will follow in affairs, career.You can guess the outcome and the overall result by recalling some more signs.

If the person himself brought the foot into the house ate in a dream - this is a bad sign. It can be interpreted as confusion in an important business or situation. Therefore, it is necessary to mobilize so that unpleasant surprise does not prevail.

Christmas tree dream

Artificial Christmas tree in a dream

Artificial plants are often associated with falsehood. Such a dream is usually a gullible person who does not notice the meanness, duplicity of others. This is a warning about the onset of the pores of maturation. We'll have to learn to understand that the world around is far from undisturbed.

Artificial spruce with golden needles - a great danger from a man who managed to infiltrate the environment. Some gossip here will not do. It is driven by envy, anger, material interest. And most importantly, he is not afraid to act. You can patiently wait for the moment when he will reveal himself with something, but it is better not to. Usually such a strategy only hurts, because the enemy acts for sure, differing in patience, composure, endurance.

Round dances around an artificial tree in the night and great joy, fun, which the person experienced in this dream, will bring trouble into the world, longing, trouble. The more joy in a dream - the less real.

interpretation of the dream tree

What does a different number of trees mean

Why dream of a Christmas tree, if there are several of them and they grow right in the house? This is a very rare, unusual dream. It happens only to those who have unusual extrasensory abilities. Soon this will be possible to see in reality.

A single Christmas tree speaks of minor difficulties, obstacles that fall to your lot, which you will have to deal with yourself. These small troubles should not be afraid.

The plot, where a person walks through a coniferous forest, at night, alone, explains at once two unpleasant moments: persecution from acquaintances and heart disease. Usually such dreams scare. The feeling of danger does not leave even after waking up, but you should not panic. There is a way out of an unpleasant situation. Attention should be paid only to health. This applies primarily to internal organs.

Some dream books treat Christmas trees in the forest for inheritance. Pretty controversial statement. In dreams about the coniferous forest, the most important thing is to trust your feelings. If the forest hides from unnecessary unnecessary views, and at the same time a person feels his own security, then soon a meeting with patrons is possible. Their help will be most welcome.


Dream interpretation Christmas tree is considered quite a controversial and ambiguous symbol, hence such a wary attitude, especially if you see how the beauty dressed up with garlands suddenly falls, and her glass toys break. This is attributed to a serious discord in the family, which will arise from the fact that the spouses will stop listening and hearing each other. This can turn into a divorce.

Emotions, resentment - not the best advisers. The ability to abstract oneself, to look at everything in a philosophical way is quite general, but applicable for not every situation. The solution of a problem of any scale follows only from the ability to take responsibility for one’s own life, and having made a choice, do not regret it.

Dancing and dancing in a dream promise in real life misfortunes and sorrows that can not be avoided. They just need to go through.

sleep Christmas tree dressed up

Burning christmas tree

It would seem that such a sign does not bode well. But the burning Christmas tree speaks of courageous people who realized that happiness is possible only when a loved one is near. Grievances are forgiven and forgotten, and the feeling of annoyance is gone and burned. Partner will not disappoint. There will be a novelty in the relationship, in a good way.In love, as in war, you have to take risks. In this case, the risk will be justified.

Size matters

A dream about a big Christmas tree is calming, personifying longevity, good health, financial security, independence. With small Christmas trees is not all clear. They are present in both good and bad omens.

Small, like toys, Christmas trees almost always symbolize a person's willingness to reconcile with their surroundings. This happens if the plant enters the house, and it does not matter how the plot is beaten. Perhaps the man himself brought the tree into the house or saw the spruce being carried or brought to it. All this speaks of early reconciliation.

Just to see a small lonely spruce foreshadows difficulties, loneliness, lack of self-confidence. So, we need to grow above ourselves, moving to a new level of quality.

dream big tree

Instead of conclusion

The existence of different interpretations of the same symbol is not accidental. It is impossible to measure all people with a single yardstick. The interpretation of dreams about the Christmas tree can be radically different in content. It is only important to learn to understand the signals of the subconscious, to trust the intuition, not to be afraid of your fears, not to go on about them. These are just signals, but the man himself does the rest in his life.

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