What does skin look like?

The largest organ in humans is the skin. By her appearance can be judged on the health of the body, as well as it is an integral part of a beautiful appearance. After all, how our skin looks like depends on our well-being and mood. The skin consists of several layers, we list them:

  • The epidermis is the outer layer of skin 0.05–1.5 mm thick. Its lower layer consists of living cells, which by their division ensure its constant updating. It is here that there are cells that produce melanin - a pigment that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. The outer layer of the epidermis is made up of dead cells, which are peeled off all the time, thereby removing sticky dirt and micron organisms from the skin surface. Consequently, the main function of the epidermis is protective.
  • Dermis - connective tissue with a thickness of 1-2.5 mm, consists of the outer papillary layer and the inner net. The papillary layer consists of loose connective tissue that forms the papillae with blood vessels. They penetrate the epidermis and nourish its cells (the cells of the epidermis do not have their own blood vessels). The mesh layer consists of collagen fibers, they give elasticity and elasticity to the skin.Here are the sebaceous and sweat glands, hair roots.
  • Subcutaneous adipose tissue is represented by adipose tissue, up to several centimeters thick. It performs the role of the body heat regulator.

Skin functions

  • Protective - the integrity of the skin provides reliable protection against pathogenic viruses and bacteria;
  • Thermoregulatory - protects against cold on cool days, thanks to a layer of subcutaneous fat, and cools the body in the heat, due to sweating;
  • Excretory - with the help of sweat and sebaceous glands, all unnecessary substances are excreted from the body;
  • Exchange - with the help of the skin is the exchange and accumulation of fat, the formation of vitamin D;
  • Receptor (sensitive) - in the skin are nerve fibers and sensory nerve endings. They perceive pain, pressure, touch, change in temperature.

If your skin looks worse, there may be many reasons. Some problems can be solved on their own, but often without the help of an experienced dermatologist is indispensable.

Skin type for diseases

  • Sometimes, after walking on the skin, you can notice a protruding abdomen of a bloodthirsty insect.Here is what a mite looks like under the skin. That he decided to eat you. Its bite is painless, so you may not feel anything. Take it with your fingers behind the belly, shake it from side to side for about a minute and gently pull it out. Usually the tick comes out completely, but if there is a proboscis left, then you should not worry. Just lubricate it with an antiseptic and the skin will push it out. If after a few days, the red spot at the site of the bite has become even more, then do not overstay the infectionist doctor on a visit.
  • It is important to know what skin cancer looks like in order to begin treatment of this serious disease in the early stages. It is one or more dense, painless, merging nodules of a pinkish-yellow color, sometimes with translucent edges. The tumor grows rapidly and ulcerates (with the exception of only some forms of the disease). For cancer ulcers characterized by raised dense edges and the bottom of the dirty-gray color. If you find a suspicious seal on your skin, it is worth it, as soon as possible, to consult a doctor.
  • It is also necessary to imagine what the allergy on the skin looks like so as not to confuse it with another disease and not to engage in useless self-treatment.Allergies often look like urticaria: pale red swellings located all over the body or in separate areas. But the manifestation of allergies can be contact dermatitis, it is characterized by watery bubbles at the site of injury, accompanied by itching and subsequent desquamation. You should contact your doctor for advice and to exclude contact with the identified allergen.

Be healthy!

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