What does the job look like?

The time of astrologers and fortune-tellers has passed, but today toomany believe that our dreams are capable of portending events. Decoding of dreams can be found in books-dream books and the vastness of the World Wide Web. After analyzing different sources, we collected the most popular versions of what the work dreams about.

  • In a dream go on vacation - to success at work.
  • If you were fired in a dream, it means you have to work hard to earn respect from employees, strengthen your influence in the team and prove your professionalism.
  • To leave on their own - to strengthen their status at work.
  • Understand at work with intrigue means that you will have a new person in your environment.
  • To visit in a dream a large society on working issues presages a serious acquaintance.
  • If you are visited by a large company at work - beware of adventures, says such a dream.
  • Crush at work promises that bad forebodings will come true.
  • You are in a dream at a meeting - wait a lot of busy work in real life.
  • A lot and hard work in a dream - to success.
  • If you see that someone is working in a dream, then everything will turn out well for you.
  • Job search is usually seen in case of dissatisfaction with the material situation and duties at work. The subconscious mind tries to show that there is a way out in search of a new place of work.
  • Losing work in a dream - to the fact that in reality you can easily cope with the difficulties.
  • What does the former job dream about? Perhaps you have some unfinished business in reality. Or maybe you are just too serious about the work, even after quitting, you consider yourself responsible for it.
  • Dreaming a new job - it means that someone wants to make you change your mind. Do not give in and stay true to yourself!
  • Commit your work to another - to trouble in the service.
  • To write an application or to retire in a dream means that you can not decide to make an important step in reality. In the near future will be held in meditation, there is a period of unrest.
  • To work not in your specialty in a dream means that a test is ahead of you, which will help you to prove yourself as an experienced specialist and a reliable partner.
  • Rise in service dreams that you expect something that will not come true in the near future, so you are waiting for disappointment or resentment.
  • If a woman dreams that she has got a job as a housekeeper, then she will have a long period of hard, cheerless work, for which she will sacrifice her time.
  • It seems that you work all day and you like it - there are changes in life that you are not ready to accept.
  • If you work all day in a dream, but does not bring joy, then you can not really understand and cope with all the troubles and changes in life.

In the prediction of events in dreams the main thing -correctly interpret the dream in the real world, but do not get hung up on what you dreamed. After all, often dreams are only reflections of our real life.

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