What does it mean to be human?

Through the prism of religion or through our own thinking, each of us thought about what it means to be human. Dry academic language denotes the word “person” as a sociocultural unit capable of thinking, creating, working, serving in the army, retiring and dying. Nothing personal, as they say. But the most inquisitive of us think about their spiritual, personal and universal destiny. What does it mean to be human? Christianity tells us that man is a creature of God, his servant, and around "vanity of vanities" and "there is no meaning in living under the sun." The Quran gives about the same interpretation of the word man, prescribing a strict and measured algorithm of life. The media, transnational corporations, politicians and the state urge us to be human means to buy unnecessary things, spin like squirrel in a wheel, earn pennies and vote for United Russia. But all this is not that.

What does the word "man" mean

The most accurate interpretation of the meaning of the name of a person and his purpose can be found in the books of Gurdjieff and Castaneda, in the Vedas and yoga treatises.Having studied at least a part of these works, you will understand that to be a man is to have a purpose, a path and personal power. To be a person means to get wholeness, world perception. To be human is to consider life as a lesson, as a journey. After all, you can live as if miracles do not happen at all or as if every moment is a miracle. If you don’t have time to read, then you can watch the film “Peaceful Warrior,” directed by Victor Salva. In addition, the film will answer the important question: "What does it mean, a strong person?".

We live in a society that represents a whole supersystem, so it is very important to know and meet many criteria. For example, such as intelligence, culture and so on. It is worth more to consider them.

What does it mean to be a cultured person

Culture is a kind of code of conduct in a closed society. And the norms of culture can vary depending on the history of the development of this society. So, the familiarity adopted in Russia in relation to even an unfamiliar person, in the conservative societies of Europe will be regarded as a careless attitude. So, you will show your lack of culture.That is, to be a cultural person means to conform with one’s behavior to the norms of public morality of a particular society.

What does it mean to be an intelligent person

An intelligent person has always been called one whose education level is higher than the majority of the representatives of the people. Thus, in imperial and Soviet times, intelligent people formed a whole class — the intelligentsia. The intelligentsia included poets, writers, editors of magazines and correspondents, as well as part of the bohemians: actors and theater directors. Academic scientists in fundamental fields of science were rarely counted among them. But if you attribute an intelligent nuclear physicist to an intelligent person, there will be no error here. The word "intelligent" comes from the Latin intel-lego, which means "to learn, think, have an idea about something." Based on this, one can understand that an intelligent person in everyday life is called an intelligent, deep-thinking person with a delicate sense of culture, which is reflected in his behavior in society and in interaction with other people.

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