Infertility is one of the most terrible ailments of today's society. Very young girls and boys are unable to have a child on their own, without the help of operations, specialized drugs and techniques.

Infertility in women

For a woman, infertility is probably one of the worst diagnoses. Indeed, in this case, the woman becomes, practically, incapable of continuing the offspring, towards the realization of one of her primary instincts — the maternal instinct. Of course, you can always adopt a child, but not everyone will decide on such a step. For some, it is very important to carry your child.
Causes of infertility in women can be a variety of diseases, as well as congenital defects. Diseases and infections often lead to problems with the fallopian tubes, which ultimately makes a woman infertile, but most of these effects, fortunately, are treated. Congenital are various pathologies such as the absence of the uterus, which is rare, but still happens.
Time to start treatment will quickly give joy to motherhoodTime to start treatment will quickly give joy to motherhood
The immunological pathology leading to infertility is determined by the presence in the woman's body of special antibodies that reject spermatozoa. Chromosomal pathology makes a woman almost sterile and leaves no way to get pregnant, either naturally or artificially. Also, doctors identify psychological infertility - this includes the fear of childbirth, pregnancy and the categorical unwillingness of a woman to have children.

Male infertility

Infertility is also common among the male population. The reason for this may be various problems with ejaculation, which are usually solved with the help of specialists and a course of treatment. Inflammations and infections, especially sexually transmitted infections, can also make it impossible to conceive a heir.
Particularly common among men is varicocele, it is diagnosed in almost half of infertile men and almost 15% of the entire male population of the planet. Varicocele is a varicose veins in the scrotum and testicles. Moreover, the longer this disease is left without treatment, the more likely it is that infertility will not go away.

Infertility Treatment

To treat infertility is necessary only under the strict supervision of specialists. The editors of strongly advise you to first consult with specialists and only after that make a decision. There are both medical courses and special operations that help people around the world acquire long-awaited children.

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