What can you eat with pancreatitis?

Diseases of the pancreas are quite common in people leading a completely different lifestyle. Of course, with unhealthy diet and eating unhealthy food problems with it occur much more often. If, after going to a doctor, he diagnosed you with pancreatitis, you should temporarily switch to a special diet. It will stop the development of inflammation, as well as accelerate your recovery. The diet itself must fully comply with the advice of the doctor, since only he can tell how severe the disease is in you and what products are absolutely contraindicated to you.

What can you eat with pancreatitis without hurting yourself?

First of all, you must fully comply with the advice of the attending physician, since it is on this that your health depends. When pancreatitis can eat these vegetables:


If they are grown on their own bed or in a greenhouse - no problem. Cucumbers are 90% water, thanks to which they are easily digested and significantly reduce the load on the pancreas.In addition, there are special cucumber diets, with which they are sometimes treated for pancreatitis. But do not abuse cucumbers, they, like any other products, are useful in moderation. No need to eat imported vegetables, which may contain nitrates or pesticides, as they will do you more harm than good.


You can eat Peking, cauliflower, and broccoli in boiled or stewed form. It should not be eaten raw or sour, because in this case the cabbage will be very irritating to the mucous membrane. In addition, you should avoid eating seaweed, which, despite its name, is closer in structure to mushrooms than to cabbage, and its processing requires vigorous activity of the pancreas.


Under no circumstances can pancreatitis be eaten unripe or grown with nitrates / pesticides tomatoes. But you can eat well-ripened, sweet homemade tomatoes, preferably yellow or black. It is very useful to drink tomato juice, squeezed from ripe tomatoes (in any case, do not use tomato juice from the packages, as it may contain a lot of harmful substances for the inflamed pancreas).

Can I drink alcohol at pancreatitis?

You are likely to be interested in this issue before going to any special event. The pancreas is one of the organs that suffers most due to the negative effects of alcohol. There are no enzymes that can break down alcohol, and when paired with fatty foods, alcohol can cause an acute attack of pancreatitis. Drinking alcohol in this disease is strictly prohibited. Any drink with an alcohol content will only make you feel worse. After the use of this product, it is possible that foci of fibrosis may appear, which indicate no longer an inflammation, but rotting of the pancreas.

What kind of fruit can I eat with pancreatitis?

Do not abuse fruit, especially with hard fiber. Their use can be started only from the 10th day of remission. You should not eat acidic fruits, it is better to eat strawberries or bananas, since they do not adversely affect the pancreas.

Fruits such as pears, apples (especially sour), mangoes, plums, cherry plums, peaches, etc. should be excluded from the diet. If you accidentally consume them, you must immediately drink the medicine prescribed by your doctor in order to quickly stop their negative impact.It is worth considering that some of the above fruits can be eaten boiled, but you should first consult with a nutritionist.

The following fruits are permitted for pancreatitis: papaya, watermelon, avocado, bananas, cantaloupe, strawberries, etc. In addition, you can not eat more than 1 fruit per day, and before eating it should be thoroughly crushed.

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