What can you eat nursing mom?

Nutrition of a nursing mother is a very important criterionchild's health. Many do not think about what you can eat your mummy. It is incorrect to believe that during pregnancy, you need to take care of the diet, and after childbirth you can relax and eat something horrible. After all, when the baby is in the womb, it can somehow protect the placenta, and now all the nutrition of the mother is reflected in the quality of her breast milk.

Very frustrating is the fact that in the dietnursing mothers in Russia are dominated by pasta and bakery products, white bread, that is, all these are simple carbohydrates, as well as excess fats of animal origin, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables and vegetable fats.

Try to eat right whenpregnancy, and after childbirth you will not need to change your habits, which, by the way, is extremely difficult. And proper nutrition is not only certain foods, but also the qualitative composition of food, the regime and the number of meals. So, let's see what you can eat for your nursing mother, how to cook better and what to avoid.

Nursing mother feeding

  • First, remember that you need to eat 3 times inDay and 2 times snack. Less is not worth it, because it helps reduce the activity of metabolic processes. But also be afraid of overeating. Find for yourself a kind of "golden mean".
  • It is desirable for the nursing mother to eat food,cooked on steamed, boiled or baked, so that the food to the maximum preserved vitamins and nutrients. The fried foods will be digested for a long time, and a large amount of fat will enter the body.
  • Nursing mother can eat bread, cereals, rice,buckwheat and oatmeal. Use sour-milk products (kefir, cottage cheese, yogurts), while try to see that they do not have artificial additives. Let the milk be fat content not more than 1.5%.
  • Do not forget about fresh fruits andvegetables. Fiber, contained in them, is simply necessary for normal operation of the intestine. In addition, with the fruits and vegetables, the nursing mother will receive vitamins, microelements and antioxidants, necessary for the mother and baby.
  • For the formation and proper functioningthe nervous system of a child is important folic acid, which is a vitamin. It is found in food: black bread, peanuts, Brussels sprouts, bananas, legumes and oranges.
  • Now let's talk in more detail about proteins, productsanimal origin. Nursing mother can and should eat poultry and fish. Enter these foods gradually, observe if there is an allergy in the baby. Make sure that the meat is high quality and low-fat. Do not eat half-finished products, sausages and sausages. If you eat a chicken, then remove the skin and fat from it.
  • Sweet creatures, we appeal to you. During breastfeeding it is better to exclude or reduce the use of sweets. It is not recommended to eat nursing mommy dough, cream cakes, high-calorie cakes.
  • Talked about sugar, do not forget about the salt, whichshould not eat more than 5 grams per day. In general, salt is present in many products, so it is good to nedosalivat food. Salt and sugar - a matter of habit. Try to accustom to add them in a smaller amount, and after a week you will not understand how you could earlier salt food so much or drink such sweet tea.
  • In the first month of feeding, we recall the periodpregnancy, because now it is also not advised to eat nursing mothers with spicy, salty, smoked and fatty foods. You do not need to eat fast food, chips, fast food and crackers.
  • If you follow a diet for nursing mothers,which recommended to you your doctor, then try to follow it as much as possible, because in her doctors specially selected in the diet everything that is necessary for the mother and her baby.

And at last, we will remind happy mums aboutsome features of food ... Iron absorption is prevented by strong coffee, tea and soy protein. Allergenic properties are possessed by chocolate, honey, coffee, nuts, cocoa, bright red fruits, vegetables and berries, milk and vanilla in the diet of the mother. Fasten the stool rice and pears, and contribute to its relaxation - beets and prunes. If you notice a lot of gas formation in the child and at home, think about whether you eat a lot of cabbage and cucumbers. So you can eat your nursing mother what will be safe for her baby.

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