What can a baby of 7 months?

It seemed that yesterday your baby Bola was completely helpless, and today the baby is already actively exploring the world around it. What can a baby of 7 months? At this age he should already:

  • try to sit or even sit;
  • attempt to crawl or even crawl;
  • roll from tummy to back and vice versa;
  • drink from a cup and eat with a spoon;
  • be able to play with toys;
  • understand when it is addressed.

We speak

Approximately at the age of six months the child is already aware of the speech. The child begins to understand that they are talking to him, he is being approached, he understands the meaning of certain words. If you call the baby by name, he will definitely react: he will try to turn around, smile, or even laugh. The active stage of mental growth begins.

The kid has learned to sit on his own. Offer him a set of glasses, a pyramid, cubes, watch. Scarce try to lay them down. Show how it is done correctly, he will try to repeat your movements.


Baby crawls hard. To diligence did not run out, interest him with the same toys.Move your favorite rattle away from him so that your child cannot reach her with the hand. You will be surprised by the sense of purpose with which the child will achieve the goal. At 7 months, the baby is already crawling quite actively, so it’s time to increase vigilance - do not leave any dangerous things within its reach. Remember: everything that a child can reach will be carefully studied by him. Take care of the safe area of ​​movement of the young "researcher".

Without a doubt, what a baby of 7 months can do will surprise you repeatedly. He is already able to stand, holding on to support and even move in this way. Therefore, do not forget to lower the bottom of the crib so that the fidget does not fall out of it. (That is why the age of 6-7 years is considered the most traumatic).

We communicate

Inspired by the toy or communicating with the mother, the child more and more often produces more or less coherent sounds. The period of “agukaniya” is becoming a thing of the past, it is replaced by discoveries in the form of the long-awaited “yes”, “pa”, “ba”, “ma” and similar exclamations. Pay more attention to conversations with the baby, not distorting the words, but articulating them clearly and correctly so that the child gets used to competent, beautiful speech.This will help the child in the correct development of the language. It is useful to play with the baby in “magpie-crow” or “palms” - popular children's finger games. Read him short tales and poems. In the development of motor skills will help all kinds of toy inserts.

Introduce a young family member with a new food. Teach the child to spoon-feed. Let him hold the spoon himself. Instead of drinking trough, offer him to try to drink from a cup.

From about the age of 7 months, your life will begin to change. The child is becoming more and more active, he moves around the house unequivocally, so the safety issue comes out on top. Install limit stops on the door, hide dangerous objects, close electrical outlets with plugs. Do everything so that the baby has a safe zone of its existence and development.

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