What can a child of 2 years?

In the period of development of a child from one to two years old, he constantly explores and exercises something. At the same time, many parents find this tedious and constantly strive to “rein in” the baby, explaining to him that you should not do this and should not do that. It is very detrimental to its development, inhibits it. He just needs to investigate everything at this age in order to be deft and hardworking in the future. In addition, the child needs a certain time to begin to perceive the importance of order.

Is your baby 2 years old? What can a child at this age? A certain set of skills he should have already formed by this time. Otherwise, it can be stated lag in development. And this circumstance of affairs requires the immediate adoption of measures. If we start the treatment of a child who is lagging behind in development, move as early as possible and persistently towards the goal, then we can fix the situation. It is easier if development lags behind due to social, rather than biological factors. That is, the nervous system is in order, it lacks only pedagogical work with the child.

Nevertheless, all children are individual, and the rules apply to the majority, but not to all.And if your baby does not know how or does not do it according to his age, then you should not panic right away. It is necessary to observe and develop lagging abilities in it.

In our article we will find out what a child in 2 years should be able to do.

Development of general mobility

A child at this age is constantly active. He walks more and more confidently and begins to maintain a good balance. The development of a 2-year-old child is characterized by the predominance of the need for constant movement. He runs confidently and climbs everywhere. In the event of a fall, it does not frighten him anymore, he rises and again strives for a goal. And having achieved it, it is looking for new heights to conquer.

The kid is so active that he is able to bring the entire family to exhaustion. Although he constantly turns around like a wound, nevertheless, long walks can tire him a lot.

Skills acquired by a child from one to two years in the field of general mobility:

  • About a year, many children begin to walk on their own.
  • After 15 months, the child is trying to run, but this is not very successful at them. Also at this age, holding on to the hand of children are able to climb stairs.
  • At 1 year and 10 months, the baby is able, with the support, to descend the stairs and holding on to the railing - to rise.
  • By the age of two he runs rather well himself, although he often falls.
  • From 1.5 to 2 years old, the child tries to swing the ball with his foot.

The development of fine mobility

Simultaneously with the general mobility of the child, the development of fine motor skills occurs. The child has improved dexterity skills. Often, grabbing any object, he hits them and throws in the other direction. Constantly trying to rummage in cabinets and drawers, pulling out various items.

Closer to two years, the baby already knows how to use a pencil, while holding it vertically. He likes to draw all sorts of vertical lines, so long as he gets it unevenly. With great excitement, he also crumples sheets of paper. Many children at this age well turn the pages of books, while capturing several pieces. They cut paper with scissors and build pyramids of four large cubes. Spoon in 2 years, keep confidently and prefer to eat themselves, while greatly soiling.

Child's speech development at 2 years

What can a child of 2 years in terms of speaking? Great achievements can be noted in this area.Children at this age utter exclamations, sounds and try to make simple sentences.

Skills acquired by a child from one to two years in the field of speech development:

  • At the age of one, a child associates sounds with people, animals, and objects that pronounce them.
  • After 15 months he consciously uses such words as: “no”, “give”, “on”, “dad”, “mom”.
  • At the age of one year and 8 months, the baby must speak meaningfully about six words. It can also show parts of the body, called adults. His vocabulary is over 10 words.
  • Closer to two years, the child is able to make short phrases of 2-3 words. He understands the difference between words small and big.
  • The end of the second year vocabulary is more than 300 words.

What should alert the parents of a two year old child

  • If the child does not speak more than three words.
  • Can not gestures to indicate 4 objects in a room or two close people.
  • The kid is not able to sit on his own and stand up.
  • Do not try to grab items moving alongside and do not follow them.
  • The manifestation of weak contact with the outside world, for example, does not distinguish gentle words from strict tone.
  • During feeding, there is no contact with those who give him food.
  • Does not show a sense of anticipation, for example, when playing "The Cuckoo".

Be healthy and take care of your children.

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