What can a child in 10 months?

So nice to see mummies walking with strollers! They communicate lively among themselves, ask each other about the achievements of their children, analyze their “victories”. And when asked what a child can do at 10 months, they will tell interesting cases and give real facts. And although their stories differ, in general the picture is clear. At this age, the baby is very similar to a one-year-old child, and only certain physical and emotional features distinguish him from a child in a year old.

Average development rate

Although all babies develop individually, there is an average norm that determines what a child should be able to do at a given age. In general, it should coincide with the fact that the child is able to 10 months. But, if you notice any deviations, do not worry too much. Consult with the pediatrician and continue to develop the child.

What should be able to baby in 10 months? He should rise from a sitting position and stand firmly on his feet, leaning on something. From a prone position, he will also sit down without an adult.When walking, holding the furniture or the hands of a parent, stands without assistance for a few seconds. Crawls very well, showing excellent coordination of movements.

Personal development

What about emotional development? What can a child in 10 months? Oh, this is a clever man! He understands a lot and begins to show character, often naughty, angry. When something is taken away from him, she cries shrilly. Playing with others, he shows egoistic tendencies and tries to take everything that is not in his hands, accompanying him with shouts and certain hand movements.

Along with the whims, the baby is very emotional and sociable. He likes to smile, he even flirts and attracts attention. Independently plays “ku-ku”, hears music and moves, swaying from side to side. Himself produces various loud sounds, something intensely knocking on the table, on the floor. With pleasure he waves his hand, seeing off one of his relatives.


As the body grows, it is necessary to include foods rich in protein and other trace elements in its diet, which are already scarce in breast milk. Very much like the baby porridge, vegetable and fruit puree, soups, juices, egg yolk, dairy products. But what can a child in 10 months do in the kitchen?

Of course, he himself does not eat yet, but he can reach for the spoon and try to feed himself even with his hands. Can arrange a small "fireworks", scattering food in the kitchen. Be prepared for this carelessness and patiently react to the so-called "independence". Think in advance about the size of the bib and do not forget to wear before eating.

Parental attitude

The fact that the baby is active speaks about his interest in the world around him. He will definitely fall, and more than once, stumble upon something while moving around the room. Parents, consider this period in advance. Remove unnecessary things, close the doors of tables, cabinets. Carefully consider the safety in the house, make sure that your baby is most interested.

During this period, a ten-month-old tot begins to "hunt" for small objects. Oh, those fingers! Such nimble, all small things can take, on a tooth to try. So cleverly the child clamps a small object between the index finger and the thumb, which is amazing. Such "skill" requires careful attention of parents. Avoid leaving something small, even edible, so that the child does not choke.

And yet, your child behind you repeats your facial expressions, gestures. Take care of yourself, so that you do not blush in front of strangers and wean the kid at that age from adult habits.

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