What bird sings at night and why?

Already early in the spring at dawn outside the window beginsbird singing. First, the sounds of one or two picchuses are heard. They are picked up by other feathered singers and, as if by the artist, the world suddenly changes. A quiet night's dull life begins to come to life and riot with colors and sounds.

You know him

what a bird sings at nightAre you interested in what bird sings at night before dawn? Of course, everyone knows the nightingale. This midnight loves night singing. His favorite places are the bird cherry, so that the river or swamp nearby. Hide himself deep into the foliage, begin again: "Fut, fut". It's like he's warming up and thinking about what it would be like for him to sing such a soulful. And then he starts his nightingale song, so sweet and tender that it even touches the strict men to chill. Especially the singer is good early-early in the morning, everything is still asleep, not awakened from a night's sleep. But here bushes, fields, meadows, trees and rivers, living creatures began to awaken. Listen ...

With long beak and rounded tail

What bird sings at night, except for a nightingale? One of the most famous nocturnal singers is reed. Her songs are loud and peculiar, sometimes similar to the sounds that insects make. Birds have brownish-red plumage of the upper part of the trunk, and the bottom is lighter. The beak is long, and the tail is as if rounded. Kamyshovki - lovers of swampy places, floodplain of the lake. Where there are abandoned and damp gardens or thorns among the nettles - suitable places for reed. Although it arrives around mid-late May and is considered one of the latest migratory birds.

Why at night?

birds singing at nightAnd yet, why do birds sing at night, and not in the daytime? It turns out that many of them sing either in the morning or in the evening, and in the afternoon they are silent. For example, kozodoi make sounds in the twilight darkness, and mockingbirds, as well as nightingales, fans arrange a night concert.

It is believed that the males with their singing havefemales, and also claim the rights to their territory. Sometimes a male often has to repeat his song and jump from branch to branch, as if signifying the circle of his residence. In the period of mating games before breeding, males toku. After this period is completed, their trill ends.

The Night Soloist

And what a bird sings at night and only whenalready very dark? There is another such - it's zarinka. The male is trying hard for the sake of his feathered girlfriend, so that, in turn, he listened and appreciated his vocal art.

Nuisance for birds

why birds sing at night

There is an opinion that birds singing at night are forced tosing at a time like this, because they are attracted by the lights of cities. There is also an opposite opinion. Because of the roar of transport and other noise of a metropolis, feathered singers are forced to sing at night, not in the morning or in the afternoon. That is, birds on their own are struggling with urbanization. Known facts that in some regions of Germany the singing of birds at night has reached a catastrophic scale - people can not sleep. They tightly close the doors and windows, so as not to hear whistles, trills and other feathered melodies.

We have to admit that civilization isA serious source of problems for birds. They are either louder than the prescribed ones, shouting and whistling, or switching to night singing. And here it does not matter which bird sings at night, what day it is. Here it is necessary to think to us, people.

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