What are West cigarettes?

West cigarettes appeared relatively recentlyspecialized tobacco shops of our country. In a short time they were able to confirm their right to exist and find numerous supporters from among domestic smokers.

History of goods

For the first time West cigarettes were produced inGermany in 1981. This was a novelty of the company Reemtcma, which is a subsidiary of the famous company British Company Imperial Tobacco. The production was accompanied by a serious advertising campaign. She positioned the new product as an option for an ideal price and quality. The manufacturers' efforts were crowned with success, and already literally a year later this brand became one of the most popular ones in the country. Increased customer demand pushed the company's management to conclude contracts for the supply of products abroad. So, by the end of the eighties, West cigarettes were sold successfully in more than 100 European countries. Nevertheless, in Russia they appeared only in 1997.

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In domestic stores, well-known productswas represented by two types: Full Flavor and Lights. They differed only by the strength of the tobacco mixture used for their production. Russian users liked cigarettes, and very soon they began to be considered one of the most popular products on the domestic tobacco market.

Types of products

During its existence, West cigaretteshave undergone many significant changes. It all started with two familiar options with a classic filter. A little later, in 2000, the company specialists developed the idea of ​​a new Steamtec filter, which was made in the form of a propeller. Made of a special type of plastic, it is more resistant to external influences and provides maximum convenience in operation. Taking into account the increased demands of the world community for issues of general product safety, the corporation for all its time has developed several filter models:

  • coal-acetate;
  • coal version in the form of a mouthpiece;
  • Steamtec;
  • A Crush ball sample containing a menthol capsule.

Wishing to meet the needs of a wide variety ofThe enterprise produced 11 varieties of cigarettes, which differ from each other in shape and percentage of the main components (nicotine and resin). In Russia at the present time, there are usually three main options.

West Tri-Logic brand of cigarettes in Russia
№ п / п Name of product Resin content, milligram Nicotine content, milligram
1 Red 10 0.8
2 Silver 6 0.5
3 Blue 4 0.4

The quality of a well-known product is once again indicated by sales volumes, which are constantly growing every year.

Customer Reviews

Now many smokers choose for themselvescigarettes West. The feedback from numerous users gives us the opportunity to conclude that a well-known German company has done its best to create a new perspective variety. The opinions that have developed among regular customers about this product are mostly positive.

cigarettes west reviews

All of them pay attention to four main positive points:

  1. A convenient and high-quality filter. Most of all supporters have an element like Steamtec. It consists of two parts. In the first one there is a usual coal filler, which helps to make the maximum cleaning. The second section helps to dissipate the fragrance for a better sense of rich taste.
  2. Large selection of options for the fortress.
  3. Taste and flavor.
  4. Relatively low price.

All these qualities attract many people,forcing them to choose in favor of West. In addition, the stylish design of the package makes the product more presentable. In some cases, this factor plays an important role.


On the Russian counters, trademark cigarettesWest are only found in domestic production. This allows you to be sure that the product can always be found on sale. For many, this factor is particularly important.

cigarettes west manufacturer

So who produces the famous German cigarettes West in our country? The manufacturer is represented in Russia by two quite large enterprises:

  1. Factory "Imperial Tobacco Volga", located in Volgograd.
  2. "Imperial Tobacco Yaroslavl", which was formerly known as the "Balkan Star".

Both of them are representatives of the largestworld corporation Imperial Tobacco. For many years they have been engaged in the production of tobacco products of the world leader, realizing his ideas and developments. This, to some extent, serves as a certain quality guarantee, which should not be forgotten when it comes to human health. Making its choice in favor of West, the buyer understands his advantage and feels confident, relying on authority and universal acceptance.

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