What are waterproof socks?

DexShell waterproof socks performan effective tool that allows the feet to remain dry even in the most difficult situations. In appearance, such socks can not be distinguished from ordinary socks. However, the use of fabrics made on the basis of innovative technologies, allows creating a reliable barrier between skin and moisture outside.

DexShell waterproof socks are differentincreased density. Products of this brand have a three-layer structure. In this case, each of the shells performs certain functions, which will be discussed later in this material.

Structure of waterproof products

waterproof socksWaterproof socks contain a specialmembrane, which prevents penetration of moisture and is the main layer of such products. It is presented in the form of a thin film through which the liquid is able to pass only in one direction. The membrane is sewn in such a way that sweating can occur freely. Noteworthy is the fact that the membrane absolutely does not interfere with free air circulation.

The waterproof layer issufficiently delicate material. Therefore, to protect the latter from damage and provide comfort to the owner of the product, the membrane on both sides is covered with an elastic cloth. The inner material, which contacts directly to the skin, is presented in the form of a pleasant knitted fabric. High-strength synthetic fabrics are used as an outer sheath.


waterproof socks dexshellHow comfortable are waterproof socks? Feedback from consumers who have already evaluated innovative products, confirm that such products are extremely tight around the foot, repeating its outlines. At the same time, there is no squeezing of the leg, other discomfort.

The presence of flat seams acts as a guarantee,that socks will not rub the foot during a long walk, running, other active body movements. This quality is especially important when organizing hikes, cycling.


how to wash waterproof socksDespite the fact that waterproof socksappeared on the market relatively recently, their range is represented by the widest number of individual options. Today, female, male and children models with a water repellent effect are available to the consumer audience. Demand is also used warmed options, which are ideal for winter sports. Demi-season waterproof socks are an excellent solution for hunting and fishing.

Attention deserve elongated models thatThey are used by amateurs of travel, by consumers who prefer regular outdoor recreation. Shortened versions are suitable for sports, training in difficult weather conditions.

How to wash waterproof socks?

waterproof socks reviewsAccording to the manufacturer's recommendations,waterproof socks should be manually. By resorting to machine washing with spinning, you increase the risk of damage to the protective membrane, which is responsible for maintaining the water repellent effect. Wash waterproof socks should be in cool enough water. It is advisable not to exceed the temperature 40aboutFROM.

Begin to dry waterproof socksit is necessary inside out. As soon as the material gets rid of moisture, the product should be turned out face-up and hang out into the open air. To avoid delamination of the material, it is necessary to avoid drying the waterproof socks using an iron. Also it is not recommended to hang them on the battery or leave it by the fire.

Question price

To date, the price policythe manufacturer can be called quite democratic, the products are available for the bulk of interested consumers. The cost of products designed for everyday wear, starts from about 1300 rubles. The price for the most reliable waterproof socks, made with the use of high-strength insulated materials, ranges from 2500 to 3000 rubles.

Thanks to the use of high-quality fabricBasis products of this category is almost no demolition. Their purchase is an extremely profitable investment. In general, waterproof socks are products that are ready for almost any test.

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