What are the vitamins in cucumbers and tomatoes?

Cucumbers and tomatoes are the most popular and widespread vegetables in the post-Soviet space. That is why many people who are accustomed to their abundance, do not think about their benefits. They consider cucumbers and tomatoes as ordinary products, forgetting that in reality these vegetables can be a great addition to your diet due to the low calorie content and high content of various vitamins and minerals. This is what you will learn from this article. Here you will be told about what vitamins are in cucumbers, which can be found in tomatoes, and much more. This article may be useful for those people who do not eat a sufficient amount of vegetables. After reading it, you will quickly realize that you made a serious mistake. So, what vitamins are present in cucumbers absolutely always?

Nutritional value of cucumbers

what vitamins in cucumbers

Before we talk about what vitamins in cucumbers are contained in large quantities, you should look at more basic indicators, namely the nutritional value.And in this case, they are an ideal product, because they contain an incredibly low in calories - only 13.5 kcal per hundred grams. The reason for this is that a cucumber is 98.5 percent water. Accordingly, it is not nutritious, so you can safely eat these foods without worrying about your waist. As for the main indicators of nutritional value, they also do not upset: 2.5 grams of carbohydrates, 0.8 grams of protein and 0.1 grams of fat. With these indicators, you should definitely make these vegetables part of your daily diet. Now that you know about the nutritional value of this product, it's time to look at what vitamins in cucumbers are contained in large quantities.

Vitamins in cucumbers

what vitamins in fresh cucumbers

What can be found in fresh cucumbers? What vitamins are there? Most impressive is the content of vitamin C, since it is as much as ten grams per one hundred grams of product. Also worth noting In9and B3which occupy the second and third places with a content of 4 and 0.3 grams, respectively. Cucumbers also contain other B vitamins, such as B1, AT2and B6, as well as A and E.All of them are present in this product in an amount of less than 0.1 grams, however, one way or another, they are present there. So eating these vegetables will definitely not harm you, but also help your health. Now you know what vitamins in fresh cucumbers are contained, in what quantities. Therefore, it is time to proceed to the consideration of another important point. This, of course, is about the minerals contained in cucumbers.

Minerals in Cucumbers

what vitamins are contained in cucumbers

Well, you have already received information about what vitamins are contained in cucumbers, however, these vegetables are also famous for a rich set of important and useful minerals. First of all, naturally, it is worth to highlight potassium, which is the most here - 141 milligrams. Phosphorus is on the second place, and chlorine is on the third. The first cucumber contains 42 milligrams, and the second - 25 milligrams. Much less in them contains other minerals, but they are still worth mentioning. It is about calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron. Accordingly, in these green vegetables you can find almost all the minerals your body needs, and their low calorie content makes them an ideal choice.Now you know not only what vitamins are contained in cucumbers, but also what minerals are present in them. Therefore, it was necessary to draw a final line.

What is useful cucumber?

Considering what vitamins a cucumber contains, one can draw conclusions regarding its effect on the human body. Although these vegetables are almost one hundred percent water, their consumption on a regular basis can lead to a huge number of beneficial effects. These include lowering blood pressure and normalizing the activity of the cardiovascular system, cleaning the body of toxins and toxins, rejuvenation and smoothing of the skin, a positive effect on the brain, as well as thirst quenching and all the beneficial properties associated with hydration. In hot weather, it can also be useful to you, as it not only nourishes your body with necessary moisture and quenches thirst, but also allows you to reduce the overall body temperature. Separately, it is worth mentioning that scientists have long ago proved the direct connection of cucumbers with opposition to some unpleasant diseases. So, it was proved that these vegetables can be of great help in the fight against diseases of the liver and thyroid gland.It is also worth noting that these vegetables contribute to the early absorption of proteins and fats, so they should be consumed with other products in order to get the maximum beneficial effect from food.

The nutritional value of tomatoes

 what vitamins does cucumber contain

Do not forget that the article talks about the content of vitamins in cucumbers and tomatoes. What can be found in red vegetables? This is what will be discussed further. However, as in the case of cucumbers, you first need to talk about the nutritional value of tomatoes. Their caloric content is slightly higher than that of green vegetables - 17.9 kcal per hundred grams. The same applies to other positions that differ in a big way from cucumber only slightly: they contain 3.9 grams of carbohydrates, 0.9 grams of proteins, and 0.2 grams of fats. Like the vegetable described above, a tomato is almost entirely made of water, but it has 94.5 percent of water, unlike 98.5 percent of a cucumber.

Vitamins in tomatoes

what vitamins in cucumbers and tomatoes

You already know what useful vitamins in cucumber are found in large quantities. It's time to figure out the tomatoes. They contain more vitamin C than green vegetables - as many as 12 milligrams. In second place is B3with 0.6 milligrams, and the third is vitamin E with 0.5 milligrams.Also in tomatoes can be found in smaller quantities A, B5and B6. As you can see, for each position that coincides with the vitamin composition of cucumbers, these red vegetables bypass them. However, tomatoes contain less variety, so one cannot say that any of these vegetables are better or worse than others. Both of them are very good for your health, and each of them should be added to your diet, preferably on a daily basis.

Minerals in Tomatoes

 what are the useful vitamins in cucumber

What about minerals in tomatoes? Why are they recommended to eat absolutely everything? The reason is primarily in the incredible content of potassium, which is almost two times more than in cucumbers - 237 milligrams. You can also note the presence in tomatoes of phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and sodium, which they contain 24, 11, 10 and 5 milligrams, respectively. As you can see, by the number of useful minerals, these red vegetables are not inferior to green, and if you eat them on a regular basis with cucumbers, you can provide your body with an impressive dose of a wide variety of beneficial substances.

What is useful tomato?

The tomato has a large number of useful properties, however, taking into account the fact that almost all the elements in it are repeated with a cucumber, and the properties are also similar.However, it is worthwhile to separately tell about one element that makes this vegetable unique. We are talking about lycopene, which is a very important and useful substance. It helps to deal with a huge number of diseases of varying degrees of complexity. Accordingly, you should definitely include tomatoes in your daily diet.

Thus, now you understand how such simple and familiar vegetables can be useful for your body. Therefore, urgently add them to your diet!

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