What are the duties of the secretary

In order to clearly defineduties of a secretary, it is necessary to know who exactly is talking about. After all, this post can be viewed in several angles. Known, for example, is the secretary-referent as an office employee, the Secretary-General as the head (head) of an organization, the Secretary of State as a civil servant, secretary as a diplomatic person, secretary of the head as an employee and other options. Most often, referring to this post, they mean an employee who carries out tasks (instructions) as the director of the enterprise, as well as individual managers of his structural divisions. It turns out that the official duties of the secretary in this case are reduced to executing single orders for solving organizational and technical issues.

What the secretary must know and must do

secretary dutiesThe secretary must perform the following functions on a daily basis:

  1. Receive information from subordinates for transfer to its supervisor.
  2. Organize telephone communication manager. In his absence, take information, and then bring it to the attention of the director.
  3. Receive and keep records of telephone messages.
  4. To create conditions for the normal work of the head: to monitor the need for office supplies and office equipment.
  5. Assist in the organization of productionmeetings and meetings. To bring to the participants the date, place and time of the event. Collect the necessary materials, ensure the attendance of those present and keep the minutes of the meeting.
  6. To conduct office work at the enterprise. To do this, the secretary should receive, systematize incoming correspondence and forward it to the management. Then on the basis of the imposed visa to transfer documents to executors under a list. The duties of the secretary also include control over the course, timing and outcome of their execution.
  7. Perform work on printing and reproduction of documents.
  8. Organize the reception of visitors to the head of the company and, if possible, create conditions for prompt resolution of issues.

In order to fulfill these seemingly simple job duties of a secretary, the employee should know:

  • the entire composition of the management of the enterprise and its structural subdivisions;
  • the charter, staff and structure of the enterprise, its profile, development prospects and specialization;
  • normative documents for the proper conduct of office work;
  • rules for the use of means of office equipment and communications;
  • rules of BTW, OT, fire safety and industrial sanitation;
  • rules of the organization of work in the workplace;
  • normative and legal acts, orders, resolutions, orders for planning, accounting and quality management of work performed.

clerical secretary job duties

Specificity of the clerk

If it is a more specific, narrowspecialization, the situation is somewhat different. Take, for example, the official duties of clerical secretary. In the title of the position, the aspect of the work performed is clearly defined. Usually at each enterprise there is already an official instruction, in which the directions of the specialist in record keeping are indicated. If there is no such instruction, then it is better to create it. To do this, use the qualification guide, which has approximate samples. After that, the standard version must be finalized for the specific organization, taking into account the specifics and internal features. In general, the duties of the secretary-clerk must clearly be traced to three main areas:

  1. Work with correspondence. Reception, processing it in modern ways and timely dispatch.
  2. Proper maintenance of internal documentation.
  3. Registration, strict accounting and transfer of documents to the archive for safekeeping.

job secretary secretary

Features of the referent's work

At some enterprises, sucha post that includes a wide range of responsibilities: from the "help desk" to the "assistant director". Such an expert must have a wide range of knowledge and a good command of the situation. The official duties of the secretary of the reporter are slightly expanded in connection with the increase in authority. In general, this is the usual job of the secretary, but the word "referent" makes some additions to the standard list. In particular, the secretary-reviewer can independently receive visitors on certain issues. Possessing certain information, he is able to make his own decisions. In addition, the referent carries out responsible assignments of the head regarding the economic activities of the organization (enterprise). Sometimes the secretary-referent is made responsible for the maintenance of personnel records management. This is done only when the total amount of work allows you to perform additional duties.

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