What are the different ducts?

One of the most important tasks in the constructionA new home is to provide housing with a normal flow of electrical energy. Simultaneously with clamps and other devices for connecting the cable in the modern world, special decorative boxes for wires are also used. The dimensions of these devices directly depend on the thickness of the cable laid and the number of conductive elements. Where are they used and what are their features?cable ducts


At the moment there are two ways of layingelectric network in the premises: hidden (when the cable is hidden behind the wall of the plaster and is not available for any changes) and open (all the details are located in a conspicuous place or hidden in special boxes). According to experienced builders, the use of hidden wiring, though, gives some advantages (it hides the "beautiful" kind of cable from the human eye), but in practice it is simply not profitable to use this method of laying. Judge for yourself - if there is a short circuit in the system (and if there is a mountain of Chinese electrical appliances, now this is not such a rare case), copper wire will be damaged in some part of the wire. To restore the electrical conductivity of the network again, it is necessary to completely "get" the damaged area from the wall, cut out the plaster and damage the concrete. As for the box for wires, its application is more reasonable than "concreting" the cable in the wall. Even with a short circuit, you can simply open the lid on the latches and quickly detect a breakdown.decorative wire duct


In general, boxes for wires made ofplastics, but in the Russian market also widely represented metal devices and so-called "wooden", which in their external coloring perfectly merge with parquet and other wood surface. But the material used here is the same plastic. The only difference is in color (white or brown with different patterns and patterns).


One of the main advantages of this partis its ease of installation and low cost of installation costs. Boxes for wires are fixed almost like a skirting board, thus in work to you it is not required to use cement, a spatula and plaster. In addition, as we have already noted, these devices allow you to easily and quickly make changes and restore wiring without damaging the wall. Under the cover, you completely see the wire as it is, and so you can quickly find the flaw that has appeared.wire duct dimensionsWith the hidden installation of the electrical cable to youIt will be necessary to tear it up until the exact place of damage is found out. Well, the last thing that a decorative box for decorative wires is, it's its appearance. In addition, it is installed easily, like a plinth, it almost merges with it in color. In the room, it is almost unnoticeable, and when you see it, you can quite think that this is some kind of original design idea or something like this.

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