What are the characters? Types of a person's character

The character of a person is an important component of his life. Personality exists in society. Interacting with other people, we learn to understand each other, manifest our essence, develop our individuality. A child by the age of two or three already has its own character and is ready to defend it. Just try to tell him something that does not fit his ideas about himself, and you will see manifestations of a person who wants to be heard.

What are the characters

Often people, wondering what the characters are, do not understand that each of us is unique, and therefore even pronounced personality traits in each will be manifested in their own way. Character can not be good or bad.

General traits

We all have a certain way to respond to changing conditions. Common features of a person’s character are the basis of the human psyche. These include courage, honesty, openness, secrecy, gullibility, isolation.If a person is open to interacting with other people, you can talk about his sociability, if he knows how to enjoy life, he is called cheerful, cheerful. The way a person acts in different situations, and shows his particular psyche.

In relation to himself

A person can relate to his own person in different ways: to love himself, be considered a complete loser, ugly, look critically at his reflection in the mirror, try to change himself in every way. All these manifestations of personality can form the corresponding character: uncertain, passive, closed, gullible, suspicious, purposeful, active.

Character traits

Many people ask about how to know the character of a person? The answer may be his unconscious attitude to his personality. If a person does not love and does not respect himself, he simply cannot love others. In life, such a person will behave more imperceptibly and do not attempt to achieve greater and better results.

In relation to other people

Depending on what personality traits prevail in a person, the following characters can be distinguished: sympathetic, noble, kind, generous, sensitive, attentive, faithful, independent, self-willed, selfish, cruel.By the way a person treats other people, one can understand his attitude to the world and to himself.

Types of a person's character

Individual personality traits are necessarily reflected in the interaction in the family and the team. A person who feels the need to suppress others, as a result, she herself is defeated, dissatisfied with her own life and the actions taken to achieve a certain goal.

In relation to work and activities

Daily employment also affects the character of a person. Being in the workplace, a person is forced to communicate with a large number of people, to solve certain tasks, to overcome his own shortcomings, expressed in laziness, lack of awareness, competence, inability to do something.

Types of a person's characterin this casethey may be: lazy, hardworking, enthusiastic, indifferent, persistent, self-sufficient. The more and more effective a person works on himself, the better his results. Studying this or that activity, each of us is able to reach the “ceiling” in it, reach the limit, become a real pro.The only difference is that the person who is called lucky always strives forward and passes through obstacles with enthusiasm, while the obvious loser is afraid to take risks, comes up with worthy excuses not to act, but only to contemplate what happens to him . Often, people who lack the strength to make decisions themselves blame others for their own failures and losses.

How is the character formed?

Modern psychological science claims that the nature of a person is laid in early childhood. By about two or three years old, the child begins to show individual character traits. A person is shaped by both social attitudes and the attitude of parents to his personality. If parents are attentive to their mood, take into account the needs and desires of the baby, reckon with his personality, then the child grows open to the outside world, trusts the Universe and time, treats people positively. When trust, for whatever reason, is lost, the small child is left with a scattered feeling of emptiness within himself. He can no longer blindly, unconditionally trust, as before, but begins to look for causes, pitfalls, and frustration in everything.

How to determine a person's character

Finally, the character finishes his formation by four to five years. If the parents have not paid enough attention to the child, have not understood his immediate problems, why he does it this way and not otherwise, then it will be more difficult to correct the situation further. A child who is constantly criticized becomes timid, insecure, indecisive. Anyone who has been scolded often does not believe in himself; he is suspicious of everything. The child, surrounded by care and attention, is made gullible and open, ready to understand the surrounding reality. There are various human characters. The list is endless.

Character accentuation

Accentuations of character are pronounced manifestations of certain personality traits, on which a person is obsessed, in front of which he turns out to be unnecessarily vulnerable. For example, a shy person may suffer if others do not pay attention to him, but he does not dare to prove himself in society. The merry fellow and the soul of the company may be offended by friends due to the fact that his ideas have not found due attention. In either case, the individual focuses on himself, his own experiences about what others will say and think about him, needs to be approved of his actions.What are the characters in general, as well, there are different accentuation.

Typology of characters

A psychiatrist from Sweden, Carl Gustav Jung, in the last century, empirically derived types of a person’s character.The essence of his concept is that, depending on the prevailing mental functions, he conditionally divided all people into introverts and extroverts.

Introvert - a person immersed in himself, his own thoughts, feelings, experiences. The basis of its existence is self. Introvert long experience failures, often accumulates resentment and fears, likes to be alone. The time spent with himself, he needs, like air. Reflections can be for him a whole world full of mysteries and secrets. There are many thinkers, writers, poets among the people of this category. Some self-absorption, isolation from the outside world allows them to create their own reality. Introvert highly appreciates privacy, the ability to reflect, emotional support from other people (as it is often unsure of itself).

How to know a person's character

An extrovert is a person whose thoughts and energy are directed to the outside world.A person of this type loves a society of people and is extremely hard to bear loneliness. If he was left alone for a long time, he might even get depressed. An extrovert needs self-expression in outer space. This is a prerequisite for the development of his personality. An extrovert is in dire need of communication, emotional confirmation of his own right and significance.

Types of temperament

Answering the question of what characters are, one can not but touch on the theory of four types of temperament. This classification is known to every person since school. Mostly there are people with a mixed type of temperament, in which any one type prevails.

Choleric - a man of mood, whose frequent change is due to his mobility of the nervous system. He is easily addicted to something, but he cools very quickly. Thus, energy resources are often wasted in vain. Choleric does everything quickly, sometimes forgetting about the quality. Often he does not have time to do the work before she ceases to interest him.

Sanguine - a man with a stable type of nervous activity.He easily enough let go of his own failure and disappointment, switching to external circumstances. Easily addicted, works productively. Lively interesting person who needs a society of like-minded people.

The nature of the person on handwriting

Phlegmatic - a man of calm, balanced disposition. From the side it may seem that the phlegmatic is difficult to annoy or hurt a living thing. However, he is quite vulnerable, but is well able to hide it. Under the external "thick-skinned" hides sensitive and sincere man. Phlegmatic responsible and good performer. However, the organizer will not leave it.

Melancholic - a person extremely emotional, vulnerable, vulnerable. He is experiencing injustice, often looking overly reserved and incredulous.

It should be noted that there are no bad or good types of temperament. Each type has its own personality and each has strengths and weaknesses.

Typology of characters Krechmera

Ernst Kretschmer, a psychologist from Germany, proposed a classification that allows character to be determined by a person’s face, as well as by his physique. People of the thin type he called asthenic and characterized them as closed personalities prone to serious experiences. He defined overweight people as picnics.Picnics are often obese, they easily adapt to changing conditions, they really need society. People of an athletic type are distinguished by practicality, purposefulness, calm, imperturbable character.

The nature of the person on handwriting

Science graphology deals with the study of the peculiarities of human behavior, his personality traits in the form of letters. Everything matters here: the location of the letters on the line, their height and width, and how gracefully and beautifully they are written. For example, a person with low self-esteem lines down. For those who hold themselves confident, the lines go up. Large letters indicate the breadth of the soul and the desire to be a leader; small letters characterize a person who doubts everything. Currently, there is more than one test for a person’s character, which allows to determine which group he belongs to.

Can a person independently change his character?

Those who want to change their character for objective reasons, I want to say that nothing is impossible. Just consciously take the necessary steps, control yourself.Of course, you cannot drastically change yourself, but you don’t need to strive for this, because each of us is unique and inimitable. It is better to improve your best qualities of character than to constantly think about the shortcomings and find out what the characters are, and why you don’t meet them. Learn to love yourself the way you really are, and then your own shortcomings will stop worrying you. They all have, believe me. Your task is to develop yourself, to reveal the fullness of their opportunities for self-realization.

Human character test

Thus, there are many options for how to determine a person’s character. The main thing is that you accept your own personality and learn to live in harmony with it and the world around it.

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