What are people dying from?

Russia maintains very strict mortality records. This is done by the Federal State Statistics Service. Based on the mortality statistics for 2007, we can identify the main causes of death in our state.

Causes of death in Russia

Circulatory system diseases

It is the diseases of this system that are a frequent cause of death among the population. Almost 57% of deaths occur due to diseases associated with the circulatory system. Coronary artery disease, stroke, and other cerebral vascular lesions are diseases leading to death. The World Health Organization proposes the following statistics for common causes of death worldwide - 9% with damage to cerebral vessels, 12.2% falls on coronary heart disease.

Oncological diseases

14% of deaths in Russia are caused by neoplasms. This figure steadily keeps in a rating of mortality of the population. As in countries that have a fairly high level of income, our state is similar to the above cause of death.What are people dying from? The organs of the respiratory system, the large intestine and the rectum, the stomach, and the chest are most often affected.

Diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs

The third cause of death among the population of Russian citizens are diseases of the digestive system. Over the past few years, 4.2% of the population has died. Mortality due to diseases of the respiratory system is a little less - 3.8%.

Murder and suicide

Suicides in our country are also not uncommon, they make up 2%. In our time, the chances of dying from traffic injuries, for example, are lower than the chance to commit suicide. Murder, as the cause of death in our country is 1.2%, which suggests that murder occurs less frequently than suicide.

Death due to traffic injury

In Russia, the death rate from injuries that occur in road accidents, is also not a small percentage. 1.9% of all deaths fall into this category. But, strange as it may, this percentage is still lower than in the rest of the world on average.

Infectious and parasitic diseases

About 0.025% of the total population of Russia die from such diseases. And this is an average of every four thousandth resident of the country.Mortality in this group is 1.6% of the total mortality with our state.

Alcohol poisoning and drowning

Russians are distinguished by their love for strong alcoholic beverages. But sometimes such love leads to death. About 1.2% of humanity is killed by poor-quality alcohol or after consuming a certain dose of ethanol.

Accidental drowning accounts for quite a few, not many - about 0.6% of deaths.

Mortality in the world

Diseases leading to death according to the World Health Organization:

  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • epilepsy;
  • poisoning;
  • oncological diseases;
  • traffic accidents

But the main growing problem of mortality is obesity and overweight. From this, around the world die, 2.8% of people. More than 50% of the population of 19 countries suffer from this problem.

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