What are glasses?

Elena Krylova
Elena Krylova
March 21, 2013
What are glasses?

Points today are an indispensable accessory of every person. What are glasses? They are different: optical glasses, corrective glasses, protective glasses, 3d glasses, driver's and others. Let's try to figure out what each of these types is.

Glasses are a simple optical device designed to correct a person’s vision, as well as to protect his eyes from external influences.

Corrective glasses

What are the points? Glasses are two lenses inserted into the frame. The lenses are made of either plastic, then they are light, but soft, because of what they quickly fail, or of glass, then they serve for a long time, but due to their gravity they cause inconvenience to those who wear them. Frames are made of metal, plastic, as well as are combined.

The lenses of points are divided into afocal, that is, zero, and focal - with diopters. These glasses are worn to correct vision, they are discharged by an oculist after an eye examination, and are usually made individually for each person.


There are also special safety glasses that protect the eyes from the harmful effects on production (dust, sawdust, splashes of various substances, radiation, etc.). As a rule, they consist of lenses and special mounts, with which glasses are fixed on the head or on the headdress of a person.

Goggles also include sunglasses. Special light filters are built into their lenses that protect the eyes from too bright sunlight.

Driving glasses

These glasses are designed for drivers who drive in bad weather conditions (in the evening, in snow, rain, etc.). They are equipped with special yellow shock-resistant glass that protects the driver's eyes from the glare of oncoming headlights.

Corrective glasses

Their action is intended to relieve overstrained intraocular muscles and, on the contrary, to load weakened ones — this is why we need training glasses. Their constant use helps to partially restore vision.

3d glasses

These glasses are created for fun. They create the illusion of three-dimensional viewing of the image. In modern 3d cinemas, glasses are used that filter out specific wavelengths intended for each eye, thanks to which we see a stereo image.Many are interested in

3d glasses - how do different types differ from each other? Basically they are divided into active, that is, special equipment is built into these glasses, for broadcasting the image, and passive, which filter the viewed image with the help of lenses. The first glasses are very expensive, while the latter are much cheaper, but they require the installation of a special silver screen on which the 3d image is broadcast.

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