What are gardens?

Long since a man tried to improve his environment, modify and ennoble it, make it more comfortable for living. One of these successful attempts can be considered the creation of gardens. When, as the civilization developed, people stopped arranging the wild vegetation around them, the first garden on earth was created, although the Bible claims the exact opposite - it was in the Garden of Eden that the first man appeared on Earth. But no matter how everything is in fact, only one thing is reliably known - people have bred gardens for several thousand years. Of course, the garden garden is different. The gardens of ancient Egypt are strikingly different from modern gardens, but they also have some common features. Let's talk more about what gardens are.

A garden can be called an artificially cultivated area in which people planted trees, shrubs and flowers in a certain order. Depending on the functional purpose, all gardens can be divided into three main types - botanical, fruit and decorative.

Botanical gardens

Botanical gardens are created for research and educational purposes. On their territory, collections of plants selected in a certain order are collected and demonstrated, selection works are carried out and new agrotechnological methods are worked out.


This is perhaps the oldest type of gardens. It is a plot of land planted with fruit trees. Such a garden is meant for growing and gathering edible fruits.

Ornamental Gardens

Ornamental gardens are places for recreation, where a person can admire the beauty of plants, breathe fresh air, receive a powerful charge of positive emotions from intimate communication with wildlife. There are many style directions in which an ornamental garden can be decorated. In art, there is even a separate direction - landscape design, which is entirely devoted to the arrangement and planning of decorative gardens and parks. The main types of decorative gardens include the classic regular garden, rock garden, winter garden, landscape garden, as well as gardens in the national styles - Japanese, Chinese and Mediterranean.

Classic regular garden

Plants in such a garden are planted in a strictly defined order. All paths and flower beds are laid out symmetrically to the central axial line. The flowers on the lawns form ornamental compositions, resembling a colorful large carpet. Shrubs are carefully trimmed. Sometimes they are shaped into geometric bodies or animal figures.

What do stone gardens look like

A rock garden is a flat ground covered with a layer of sand or small pebbles. On it in some places are compositions consisting of several natural raw stones of various shapes. On the entire surface of the sand with the help of a garden rake draw long waves that form circles around groups of stones. According to the creators of the garden, all this should symbolize the islands among the ocean waters.

What are Japanese-style gardens?

A Japanese garden is a whole world that fits on a small piece of land. Artificial islands, hills, streams and waterfalls, bamboo thickets, whimsical boulders, lanterns and a must-have tea house are all attributes of a real Japanese garden.

Chinese garden

The Chinese garden should be surrounded by high walls.On its territory there is a pond with carps or goldfish. On the water surface lotuses bloom. Pavilions and pavilions are hidden in the shade of trees and interconnected by winding paths.

Landscape garden

In landscape gardens, naturalness is especially appreciated. The art of the gardener is that there is no noticeable human intervention in the garden. Everything should look as if a piece of wildlife was simply taken and transferred to a new place.

What does a winter garden look like?

The winter garden is a rather large glazed artificially heated room in which thermophilic exotic and indoor plants are placed. Such a garden is often located in the extension to the house, and it serves as a place of rest for family members.

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