With what and how to drink whiskey?

Whiskey is considered one of the most noble drinks. He came to us from the Celts, while maintaining his great taste, but losing the rules of its use along the way. In this article we will try to correct this omission and tell you in detail what the real Scots drink with what and how they drink whiskey.

Preparing for drinking whiskey

Drinking whiskey is actually a ritual. For true connoisseurs of whiskey, he is an end in itself. No need to wait for a holiday or reinvent any reason to feel the pleasure of the taste of Scotch whiskey. Drinking whiskey is a holiday in itself. This can be done alone or in company.

Whiskey can be drunk at any time. Preferably, of course, after dinner, better in the evening. At this time, it fits nicely into a not very large group of people playing cards, for example.

Suppose the company, time and place are chosen. Good Scotch whiskey, such as Jack Daniels Black, purchased. But you need to know how to drink whiskey Jack Daniels. Before you drink, you need to cool it a little.But we must bear in mind that it should not be too cold. After the whiskey is cooled, the bottle is wiped with a towel. Napkins when pouring a drink are not required, but rather, are not even desirable.

Whiskey Dishes

Whiskey is served on the table in a bottle, it is poured into glasses afterwards. Before opening the bottle, shake it gently.

Whiskey is usually served in large glasses with a short leg or wide glasses without a leg at all. You can also use deep wine glasses with long legs. But we must not forget that it is unacceptable to fill the glasses to the brim, this applies to any drink. The glass should be filled no more than 1/3. Do not decorate it with slices of fruit. Whiskey is a drink for serious people and does not need various decorations.

Another tip with what is better to drink whiskey. The rules of good taste and tradition unacceptable use of whiskey in its purest form. After whiskey is poured into glasses and glasses, you need to make a final touch and add a small amount of cold water to it. On the question of how to drink whiskey and coke, the answer will sound one. No, this is unacceptable.To preserve the true taste of whiskey, do not add a slice of lemon.

Drinking whiskey

The process of drinking whiskey must be literate and then the drink will bring real pleasure. The rules, how and with what you can drink whiskey:

  • In no case do not use straws.
  • Whiskey can not drink in one gulp. Drink it in small sips.
  • Keep the whiskey in your mouth as long as possible. The real taste of the drink will be the one that is felt under the tongue.
  • Drinking a glass, you should not rush to eat whiskey. You can do without snacks at all and feel how the mouth and throat envelop.
  • The smell of whiskey should not be interrupted by some other flavor. On the table should not stand flowers. Whiskey and flowers are incompatible. Flavoring candles also do not need to use.

Whiskey Snacks

  • An appetizer that suits whiskey by color will look very nice on the table.
  • Boiled pumpkin is an excellent orange snack, slices of fresh melon can be served under the yellow whiskey.
  • Yellow apples, apricots, green grapes, peaches, cherry plums, sliced ​​bananas are good fruits. Citrus fruits should be avoided, they interrupt the smell and taste of whiskey.
  • If whiskey is served at the very beginning of the evening, then, of course, you need to have a snack on the table more tightly. This may be some familiar salads. But it should be remembered that such an event is a wonderful occasion to cook something unusual. When the menu will be planned, it needs to be considered.

We told you how to drink whiskey properly, following the traditions and rules of good taste. Now you can treat your friends and guests with this drink by serving them the right snack.

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