What day is a farewell Sunday?

Farewell Sunday is the last day of Shrovetide, in which all Orthodox ask forgiveness of each other. This ceremony is carried out in order to proceed with a pure heart to fasting, concentrate on the spiritual life, and with a kind soul to celebrate the day of the Resurrection of Christ - Easter. It is on forgiveness on Sunday that the wishes of good and all the light are very welcome. On this day, the last time to eat modest, without meat, food.farewell sunday

A bit of history

Farewell Sunday, according to the custom coming from antiquity, is the day when the Orthodox forgive transgressions and mutual insults with all their hearts, bowing to each other. It is believed that this is necessary for people who want to live with the Lord, not only on earth, but also after death, moving into eternal being. Practically everyone wants for himself constant salvation, which is possible only in case of purification of the heart from insults. In the event that in the soul there will be no hostility and mutual condemnation.Only if there is peace in the heart, is the gift of Christ the Savior of precious sacred good. But for this it is necessary not only to forgive those who have offended us, but also to obtain pardon from those to whom we unwittingly caused once evil. Otherwise, all the works of the Orthodox in the upcoming post will be in vain. The Lord will not accept numerous earthly obeisances if the heart of a Christian is overflowing with ill will, evil and resentment towards his neighbors.

More about the rank of forgiveness

goodbye sunday wishesOn farewell Sunday, in the evening divine services in the temples, they perform the rite of forgiveness. This ceremony began its existence in the monastic life of the Egyptian monks. Before the Great Lent, they dispersed across the desert one by one for the whole forty days in order to tune in to the bright holiday of Easter and to strengthen the performance of prayer. Not everyone returned back, someone died in a lifeless desert from lack of food or water, and someone was simply torn to pieces by wild beasts. Assuming that they could no longer meet, the monks apologized to each other for all involuntary and voluntary offenses, and, in turn, forgave everyone from the heart.The order of forgiveness was then based on the desire to be reconciled with everyone, and, therefore, with the Lord himself.

The Chin of Forgiveness Nowadays

Now this tradition is in the form of church worship. Christians on this day remember the expulsion from Adam's paradise. In pre-revolutionary Russia, on a farewell Sunday, the king had a custom to apologize to his soldiers. He also traveled to monasteries, where he asked for clemency from ministers and bishops.

when farewell sundayWhen is the farewell Sunday and what to do on this day?

Lent is considered a period of intensified opposition to sin. It is at this time that Christians are trying to get pardon from God if they stop hiding resentment against someone. Even in the Gospel it is written: Goodbye and you will be forgiven. Many, because of their pride, it is difficult to apologize to their neighbors. For this, on the last day of Shrovetide, the church set a forgiveness Sunday. Having prepared, a person can come to the temple and forgive all those who have any offense.

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