Weighting for the legs "Decathlon" to help athletes and bodybuilders

Modern athletes for greater efficiency"Decatur" is a popular stylish tool that looks like a cuff and is attached to the wrists and ankles using clasps, buttons, Velcro that adjust the size.

Decathlon weighting for feet

Running with such adaptations allows the formation of relief muscles in a short time, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and achieve great sporting results.


Weighting agents for the feet "Decathlon" are designed for:

  • Gymnastic training with weights, increasing the effectiveness of exercises;
  • accelerated weight loss;
  • the development of the musculature that regulates percussion;
  • improving speed, strength and achievements in sports;
  • endurance and impact strength;
  • aerobic exercise, development of precision and beauty of movements;
  • single combats;
  • as a simulator for the cross.

For a trained athlete and beginner, the choice of this type of inventory will have significant differences.

Advantages of weighting agents

Sports equipment of this kind is safe,It is characterized by high wear resistance, lightness and is conveniently located on the legs. Inside the cuffs there is a weighting material. Purchasing weighting agents for the legs "Decathlon" at 1.5 kg, you can not worry about the size, since it is universal and simply adjustable in accordance with the anatomical volumes of the carrier.Decathlon weighting on legsDuring the lesson, the weighting agents are not displaced, notThey hang out, but fit tightly to the body thanks to a special elastic insert to maintain the accuracy of the contour. Products are patented, have a certificate of hygienic compliance. The widespread maximum weighting (5 kg) allows to pump all muscle groups. The fabric is rubberized and reinforced, a quality material covering the inventory will not rub the skin. When the fabric is worn, you can purchase new cuffs from the manufacturer and move the goods.

Types of weighting agents

Varieties of trainers-bracelets: for hands, feet, brushes, in the form of belts, vests. They differ in weight, size, material. Weighting agents for the legs "Decatur" are integral, fixed weights and composite, with removable pockets and metal weights that are added at discretion. Weight is selected according to the tasks: to increase the muscles get heavy cuffs, and for burning calories - relatively light.

If the filler is a bulk material, thenregulate the weight of "bracelets" is impossible. Sand, pebbles or salt are placed in intervals between the sewn strips. The weight of these cuffs is small - from 1.5 kg. Bulk weighting is appropriate for those who do not train often and do not change the load. If necessary, constantly increase the intensity of the exercises should get cuffs with inserts.


Contraindications are as follows:

  • varicose limbs;
  • problems with joints;
  • kidney disease;
  • pathology of the bone system;
  • postoperative period;
  • last months of pregnancy;
  • infectious diseases.

Weighting agents for legs Decathlon 1,5 kg each

Weighting for the feet "Decathlon" increase the massrunner: the pressure on the joints is increasing, and in case of trauma a long rehabilitation is necessary. Therefore, to introduce training with weighting should be gradual, increasing the time for several minutes at intervals up to 3 times a week. After five months, you can use them on a regular basis, attaching to each jog or class. Before you put on weighting "Decathlon" on your feet, you need to do warm-up, stretching, light gymnastics, for example, mahi or dance moves, to prepare for a long load and to insure against injuries. The personal instructor will help with the choice of inventory and the intensity of training to avoid overload.

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Weighting for the legs Decathlon to help athletes and bodybuilders Weighting for the legs Decathlon to help athletes and bodybuilders Weighting for the legs Decathlon to help athletes and bodybuilders Weighting for the legs Decathlon to help athletes and bodybuilders Weighting for the legs Decathlon to help athletes and bodybuilders Weighting for the legs Decathlon to help athletes and bodybuilders