We replace eccentric for mixers

When mentioning the word "eccentric" for mixers,Everyone ponders what it is, of course, except for plumbers. It seems that the word is familiar, but what it means is incomprehensible. In this article we will understand what it is, why it is necessary and how to work with it.

eccentric for mixers

What is it

Actually the word "eccentric" stands for "outside" and "center" - "outside the center", or "displaced center".

Eccentric for mixers - adaptation toEssentially, an adapter from a water pipe to a faucet or vice versa. This is an adapter, in which the axis has a wide and narrow threaded parts, displaced relative to each other. Its size is 3/4 x 1/2 (15 x 20 mm). The standard interaxal distance of the pipe inlets is 150 mm.

installation of eccentrics for the mixer

Why do I need an eccentric

Assortment of mixers for today is veryvarious. Each mixer has its own technical parameters, differing in design features, appearance and distance between the nozzles. Often when installing the mixer, there are some difficulties with its attachment and the mismatch of the butt-holes. And in such cases the eccentric for the mixers comes to the rescue.

Installation of eccentric for the mixer assumesscrewing one edge with a narrow and external thread directly into the water pipe, that is, a water pipe, and the other end with an internal thread serves to fix one of the nozzles of the sanitary device to it. Some types of eccentrics for the mixer are made of brass or bronze. If the pipes are made of plastic, then there is no difference from what material the eccentric is made, but when screwed into a metal water pipe the eccentric should be of the same metal, in this case it is stainless steel. In this way, the same pressure in the middle of the pipe and the temperature expansion are provided, which automatically eliminates water leakage.

types of eccentrics for mixer

Dimensions of eccentrics

According to the sanitary standards, the distance between axesThe eccentric between the inlet holes of the water pipes is 150 mm. In case of mismatch of this parameter, it is sufficient to turn the eccentric for the mixers slightly by simply turning the adapter axially to the required position, achieving the best result. By means of this method, it is possible to install any type and size of the mixer in accordance with the standards established by the pipes, and even independently of their connection. But there is a small restriction - the distance between the ends of the pipes.

If the hole size in the tile is less,than standard, it is necessary either to expand it, or it is possible to buy eccentrics for the mixer elongated. The main dimensions of the shoulder in the center of the eccentric are 40 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm. Not only that they differ in size, but also in shape, the longer the shoulder of the product, the longer their ends are spaced apart. In most cases, when buying a mixer, eccentrics are already included in the plumbing set. But it is possible that the length of the adapters is not suitable and therefore often have to buy them separately.

eccentric for the mixer elongated

How to install by yourself

Often, the installation of the adapter is part of the responsibility of plumbing work, but it sometimes happens that there is a need for self-installation. This process can be divided into two stages:

  • installation of eccentrics;
  • installation of adapters on the mixer.

First of all, you should make sure that access to the water supply is blocked. This provides a guarantee that, if something goes wrong, neighbors from the bottom will not suffer.

In order to be sure of the complete setproducts, it is necessary to assemble the structure without using seals, check all the nodes for a skew, whether there is any jam in the threaded connections. Are all the details involved, is there something superfluous or vice versa.

The second stage of work - connection througheccentrics for the mixer, the dimensions of which must be checked in advance with other components. Eccentrics consist of two parts - a wide and narrow thread. On the narrow thread is necessarily wound up flax or winding. Winding is necessary clockwise, so that the winding does not move while the product is being twisted. On the linen thread, paste for threaded joints is applied, it is also possible to use silicone sealant. You can resort to the old way of winding the thread, for this oil paint is used. After installing the eccentrics, be sure to check whether the interaxal dimensions are met. Using the horizontal level, check the position of the eccentrics, which are centered. They should be at zero level. If during work during the installation of mixer eccentrics suddenly it turns out that the length of the adapter arm is insufficient, then in this case it is necessary to purchase a longer one.

Decorative reflectors are used to accurately cover the holes of the pipes.
At the final stage, a mixer is installed.

eccentric for mixer dimensions

What to remember about

  • Before starting work, it is necessary to check the completeness of the crane equipment. Check for defects in parts and their dimensions.
  • Verify according to the size of the eccentric.
  • Remember that the flax or insulation must be wound only in the direction of the thread.
  • Check the tightness and reliability of the tie of the heater. It should not scroll with the thread.
  • It is obligatory to use lubricant over flax. Excellent option is a sealant on silicone or oil paint.
  • First, the eccentric needs to be baited manually, then apply the key.

Final conclusion

From the whole article we can conclude that withoutthe use of eccentric mixers can not be established. Certain skills during the installation process is not required, so it is possible to produce it yourself. The main thing is to choose the right kinds of eccentrics for the mixer, apply the sealing tape, install silicone, rubber or kapron gaskets. It is also necessary to monitor the correct installation of the mixer, which should be in the zero horizontal position. Concludes all stages of checking nodes for water leakage. If necessary, it is necessary to press them. If you follow the instructions and follow all the above tips, it will all work out the first time.

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