We make a metal fence made of galvanized metal

As a rule, the general impression of a country houseand its owners can be formed after the first glance at the fence that surrounds the housing. Until recently, everywhere you could see shaky and ridiculous designs, made from improvised means.

metal fenceFortunately, the modern variety of building materials caused this anachronism to sink into oblivion, as it was replaced by a metal fence made of galvanized metal.

This material is produced fromhigh-grade steel, which is then coated with a layer of zinc, which effectively prevents the emergence of foci of corrosion. In addition, it is possible to purchase a colored corrugated board. In any case, you get a relatively inexpensive, but durable material. So, many manufacturers argue that the metal fence, with observance of the elementary rules of installation, easily stays up to 50 years.

Before starting work, it is necessary to properly markplot. This is not too complicated, but it requires accuracy. Note that when marking places for pillars, you must adhere to the rule that the width of the span should not exceed four meters, and when mounting the fence in areas where there are often strong and gusty winds, it is better to completely reduce this figure to one and a half to two meters. In this case, your metal fence will stand even under the most unfavorable conditions.

Carrying out excavation worksmetal fences and fences

It is believed that at a height of the pillar of 2.5meter for it you need to dig a pit, the depth of which is approximately 0.7 m. It is recommended to fill the columns with concrete, as this measure will greatly increase the service life of the entire structure. Only in regions with a mild and stable climate can one do without a simple ramming of the earth.

We make a skeleton

Next to the established posts, you need toattach transverse veins. We do not forget that when welding, it is necessary to observe at least elementary safety precautions. It is very important to mark in advance the places where the crossbars are fastened, since otherwise the metal fence can come out very kosobokim. Of course, for the optimal accuracy of work, a normal building level should be used.

We fix corrugated board

install a metal fenceAfter careful alignment and fixing of the crossbars,you can proceed to the final stage of work. It is very important and in this case to constantly use the level and plumb line. If you are going to install a metal fence of painted metal, you should take care of its coating as carefully as possible, avoiding the formation of chips and excess holes, as they are the cause of corrosion. In the ideal case, it is best to process the edges of each fastener with a high-quality anti-corrosion agent.

If you use a Bulgarian, then it is unacceptableuse old and worn discs. This not only contradicts the simplest security rules, but also leads to the formation of ragged edges. They certainly will not add beauty to the fence. In addition, all measures to shorten metal sheets must be carried out without fail before they are assembled.

Thus, metal fences and fences are quite simple in their installation. Any construction worker who can perform all the stages of work as accurately as possible can cope with this.

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We make a metal fence made of galvanized metal We make a metal fence made of galvanized metal We make a metal fence made of galvanized metal We make a metal fence made of galvanized metal We make a metal fence made of galvanized metal